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Brunch in Mountain View?

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Hi, my friend just moved to Mountain View and I'm going to visit him this weekend. Does anyone have suggestions of good and reasonably priced brunch places for Saturday? thanks !

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  1. Hobee's is a popular option. Located at the corner of Central Expressway and Rengstorff. There might be a line depending on what time you get there. This is the original location of this local chain.


    1. It's not a true brunch place, but I like to introduce people to Dinah's Poolside Restaurant. It's off El Camino in Palo Alto, just North of San Antonio Road -- a mile or so from the Mt View border. The draws are the outdoor seating by the pool and the omelets, which I think are as good as any I have had on the peninsula. Remember to order the "country-fried potatoes" ... I'm not sure they are on the menu, but they are terrific and far better than the standard hashbrowns.