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Jun 30, 2006 03:49 AM

way too many international forums.

please dial it back so intrepid travellers like me and others can learn (peripherally) from others' posts.

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  1. I agree, from four(3 canadian, one internatl) or so to 15+, you're overdoing it.

    1. I don't think there's a need to remove International forums. It's more a matter of organization. I think what they should do is handle this Craigslist style.
      For example, there are five New York forums. Make the main New York heading a link, and when you click on it, you see posts from all the forums underneath interleaved by date and labelled appropriately. From there, if you wish, you can click on one of the sub-forum links, which would be available horizontally across the top. See example here
      And of course, you would still be able to access the sub-boards directly, without going through the main heading, if you wished.
      This would make both camps happy, I think, and solve the problems of people who like to read all associated boards such as the New York area ones but have no easy way to access them all at once.

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      1. re: Peter Cuce

        If it's possible, I think that's a great idea. NY is my home board and I wouldn't at all mind seeing all offerings at a glance and then drilling down if I choose to do so. And it would bring me back to perusing the International Board, which I used to do daily and haven't done once since it was fragmented.

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          That's a spectacular idea, Peter, I think even more useful for Chowhound than craigslist. I don't see any downside.

          It could be expanded to Hot Posts, too.

        2. Actually, I like the international forums split out. Maybe a few can go (for instance, there are now two Africa forums!) but it is really nice to separate forums according to places that people are likely to visit on the same trip. My suggestion:

          --UK/Ireland (with London and Other UK/Ireland as sub-forums)
          --Continental Europe (with France, Italy, and Other Europe sub-forums)
          --Asia (with Japan, Southeast Asia, Other Asia, and Subcontinent sub-forums)
          --Middle East/Turkey
          --South America
          --Canada (with Quebec, Ontario, Other Canada sub-forums)
          --Australia/New Zealand

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          1. re: travelmad478

            But the beauty of Peter Cuce's suggestion is that you can have it both ways. You can choose to scroll through all of International or go directly to a specific board. Consolidators and fragmenters both satisfied. As I said, great suggestion, IMHO.

          2. I like that there are many International Boards and agree that Peter Cuce's suggestion would be an additional improvement to the way they are currently organized.

            Actually, I was hoping the new Chowhound would have more Boards for the Midwest--at least individual Boards by state under an overall "Midwest" category-- and was disappointed to find everything still lumped together. Perhaps the EngineerHounds would consider organizing the Midwest Cuce-style, too? Particularly when I was just a visitor to the region, I found it especially difficult to search the Twin Cities, because of the numerous possible ways of referring to them--MSP, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St Paul, St. Paul, Saint Paul, MN, Minnesota, Minn (and those are just the ones that are spelled properly!)--and would at least find a single state of Minnesota board more manageable.


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            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              On other threads, the Chowhound Team has indicated that the U.S. will be further subdivided in the future. My guess is that the PTB wanted to see how the breakdown of the International boards work before dismantling the U.S.

            2. I'd like to see Switzerland broken out into a sub-board under International or at the very least a general Europe sub-board. Thanks.