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Jun 30, 2006 03:29 AM

Best Footwear around the Kitchen?

I am a very s l o w cook, so I end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen, on my feet. Any recommendations on the type and brand of shoe to wear while cooking? It seems like the pros wear these heavy-looking clogs. . . Are they a good idea for a home cook? What do you wear when you're doing major cooking?

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  1. Ooh. the name has completely slipped my mind. I have been meaning to get a pair. Let me google.

    1. Danskos. I prefer the red ones.

      1. Those clogs aren't actually heavy at all. They're sturdy enough to run around in, but easy to step out of in case you spill a huge pot of boiling liquid and realize it's pooling in your shoes and burning you.

        For a home cook, I think any comfortable shoe is fine, as long as you dedicate a clean pair to kitchen use. And, as my tennis teacher always said, no black soles! They scuffed up the courts, and I'm sure they'd scuff up your floor. Just enough to make chopping more comfortable.

        Now that you mention it, shoes might be a good way for me to gain some height in the kitchen. Those clogs add at least an inch or two.

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          I endorse Dansko Clogs, and they are my "house" shoe as well, I slip into them like slippers.
          They are firm, and the shape, particularly the arch, is a perfect fit for my feet. If I don't wear them my knee acts up.

        2. I know in restaurant kitchens, I absolutely swear by Shoes for Crews. The soles have kung-fu action grip. Once back when I was working at TGI Friday's, the general manager showed off the power of the shoes. A small bunch of skeptics (myself included) were invited to find the greasiest, wettest spot in the back of the house. Turns out there was a puddle in the middle of the dish pit. He took a few steps back, took a running leap, and landed squarely with both feet in the middle of the puddle of muck. We were all astonished and bought our own pairs. They're also wonderfully comfortable.

          For home kitchens, non-slip shoes aren't a necessity, but certainly will be nice. I'd do a comfortable pair of slip-on clogs similar to what many chefs wear. It just so happens Shoes for Crews sells some for about 50 bucks.

          1. I like my Reef flip-flops. They're comfy with a fat rubber sole, you can kick them off in a second and they're cool. They're not so great if you're a knife-dropper, and they don't work well on light floors (as mentioned in a previous post). I have black rubber flooring in my kitchen so it's not an issue.

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              Black rubber flooring! I'm considering this for my kitchen. How do you like it? How does it wear? What's the upkeep? Any particular brand?