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Jun 30, 2006 03:27 AM

Brattleboro with kids

We're taking a short trip to VT this weekend, staying at a hotel in Brattleboro and not venturing outside Southern Vermont. We'll be with our two young kids, and we're looking for some good places for lunch and dinner Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. Ethnic is fine as is American. Prefer local places to chains.

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  1. Chelsea Royal in West Brattleboro is perfect for any meal. The best chinese is Panda North on Putney Road. Downtown there is a decent Indian on Elliot St. And the Brattleboro Coop Is great for lunch.

    1. I recently tried Dhaba, the Indian restaurant in the Quality Inn up on Putney Road. It was superior to India Palace by a wide margin, and I've long been a fan of India Palace.

      1. You can also try Shin-La accross the street from Sam's. Good Laotian and they also have a shushi bar.
        I concur with chelsea Royal for breakfast or lunch.

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        1. re: RichK

          Silly me. I thought Shin-La was Korean.

          1. re: GG Mora

            Dhaba was quite good, but has been gone for 6 years now. Shin La is Korean and sushi, some pretty good. I like the salmon special with garlic and broccoli

        2. they have a wonderful farmer's market.