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Jun 30, 2006 02:45 AM

Casual dinner in Hollywood, West Hollywood? Extra points for good desserts

I'm looking for some great casual (meaning cheap-ish) places to go have dinner in the Hollywood, West Hollywood, Mid Wilshire areas. I'd consider Silverlake or Culver City but it'd have to be worth the drive. We always seem to end up eating Indonesian food at the Farmer's Market. We've been to Lucky Devils, Los Balcones del Peru, Newsroom, King's Road Cafe, Taste (oops--NOT cheap, but tasty and lovely atmosphere), Il Gelato, some places on Sawtelle. I should also mention that I'm Mexican and cook Mexican, so I'm not interested in that and my husband never feels like Korean food even though I keep pushing for it. Also, we love desserts. Extra points for good desserts. Thanks

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  1. Sanamluang Cafe
    5170 Hollywood Blvd E. of Western but, before Normandie. S side in a strip mall.
    Thai food that reminds me of Bangkok -spent a month there. Open 'till 3A. Great food and VERY inexpensive. If you have never had Thai food, here's a couple of suggestions: They make a flat noodle (they called fried) with gravy and your choice of chicken or seafood or combo - I do seafood. The Thai salad w/peanut sauce, Pad Thai, Mee Grop-Fried noodle that is sweetend, Lemon Grass soup...I don't eat any red meats so, maybe there you'll have to explore. If something is spicy and that's not your style, tell them. Also love their Thai tea and Thai coffee. Very sweet but, seems to work well w/their spicy meals. Thai tea is made w/Bergamont. Next door is Bangluck Market. If you're ever in that area on a weekend morning, go in a buy some of their prepared snacks. I love the banana leaf wrapped sweet rice w/banana or sweet black bean. YUUUMMMMY!