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Jun 30, 2006 02:39 AM

Manly Beach

Any suggestions where to eat on/near Manly Beach? Anything but Italian, please!

Jack in Potts Point

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  1. There's a fish and chip shop in the plaza near the beach that's reputed to be the best in Australia. I've been there, but can't remember the name. You'll recognise it amongst the others because of the line of peopl waiting outside to get served. Grab whatever takes your fancy in there (it's all good!) and step across to the Steyne hotel across the plaza for a Tooth's old brown ale to have with your meal. Cheap and heavenly!

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      Ocean Foods is the fish and chip shop, and it's wonderful. It's been there since 1959, according to their sign:

      1. Definitely Ribs and Rumps for meat lovers although it's not as good as it used to be. Tourists love LeKiosk, - a short walk around the water from Manly corso with great views by day or night. Will & Toby's at the Sebel is a good city-like option at the beach. Not far from Manly at Freshie is Pilu ( - it's Sardinian (as opposed to Italian) and very, very good - go for lunch to get the best views.