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Jun 30, 2006 01:59 AM

Spain Trip-September

We will be going to Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville in September. I would welcome recommendations for must visit restaurants in these cities. Thanks!

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  1. In Barcelona I would highly recommend Cal Pep, Cinc Sentits and Comerc 24.

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      Agree with Cal Pep! Get there at 1:30 to get a seat and eat everything they suggest.

    2. Barcelona: I agree with Cinc Sentits for modern Catalan food.
      Tactica Berri for pinxtos; le Cerveseria Catalana for tapas; Guimet & Guimet for wine and simple tapas (standing only).
      Madrid: Combarro for some of the best Gallician seafood; for tapas, the bars around Cava Baja offers some of the best: Casa Lucas, Taberna Almendro, also check out tapas places around Placa Santa Ana, Chamberi.
      I earlier posted a few of my favorites on this site. Search under Spain for: Sauc or Alkimia; Eck! only 2 nights in Barcelon...where must we dine; Arce, La Broche or Viridiana.
      Have a great time and please report back.

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