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Jun 30, 2006 01:55 AM

Best Chinatown not dim sum, not noodles, not viet

It seems lately I only go to Chinatown for dim sum, but I'm going with friends after a Saturday matinee. We'll be there too late for dim sum -- about 5 pm -- and my friends don't want a noodle shop or Vietnamese, which are two of my other faves. Any suggestions for any regional Chinese, or do you know any Chinatown dim sum places that serve this late? I love Jing Fong for dim sum -- but don't know how their "other" food is. Thanks!

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  1. What about Thai [Pongsri] or Malaysian [Nyonya]? How about congee [Yummy Noodles, 48 Bowery - ignore the "Noodles" in the name, it's a congee shop]? The Jing Fong menu is not bad, or 9 Chatham Square also is a good choice.

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      I love Yummy Noodles, but it's not just a congee shop. They have plenty of noodle dishes on the menu, just as many as NY Noodletown. They also have all the Cantonese favorites like roast duck, roast pork, etc. They're well known for their rice casseroles.
      A great place is Cantoon Garden at 22 Elizabeth. They're known for their soft shell crabs and other seafood dishes, although most of my meals there have consisted of rice casseroles, their excellent soups with very flavorful broth, the garlic fried chicken that Congee Village does well but this place does much better, and my favorites, the wilted lettuce with bean paste and the water spinach with bean paste. Great stuff. If you go on a weekend night there will often be an hour wait and the place is usually packed even on a weekday. I'm not the only person that likes this restaurant.
      Congee on Bowery just above Canal is as good as Congee Village in some respects and better in others. That chicken dish I mentioned above is better at Congee although still not as good as the Cantoon Garden version.
      New Green Bo is almost never bad. I still love the soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai on Pell. Penang on Elizabeth just about Canal is pretty good for some stuff. I like Nyonya on Grand.
      Double Crispy, a newish bakery on Grand close to Bowery has a good durian egg tart.

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        I ate a sad dinner at the Penang location you refer to this past winter. Poh piah and asam laksa, I think. Skyway on Allen between Division and Canal is so much better!

        1. re: Pan

          I like some of their stuff. The Bah Ku Teh, not sure about the spelling. It's been a while, can't remember what I liked :)

          1. re: Peter Cuce

            I truly worship they double duck thigh soup with medicinal herbs, or whatever it's called. My god, what broth! Also has cantonese noodles in it, and a large duck thigh. However, I have not had it for years. Why I don't know!

        2. re: Peter Cuce

          I second the garlic fried chicken at Cantoon. They also make a fantastic crispy prawn dish. Also like Congee Village, but not as much as Cantoon. My favorite dish, hands down, are the crab dumplings at New Green Bo, the juices that pour out of them are tastier than any consumee I've had at any four star French restaurant...
          I also like to splurge on the crispy duck at Peking Duck, although the line can be ridiculous at times. Been to Joe's Ginger a few times, great food, but not as good as the original Joe's. There's also this great joint that makes the best scallion pancakes ever -- they are on east side of Mott between Hester and Houston -- forgot the name, but they have neon lights in it and its relatively "modern" -- by Chinatown standards at least...

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            "east side of Mott between Hester and Houston"

            Do you mean Hester and Canal?

      2. Sorry but Dim Sum is best during brunch hours. It's not true dim sum if you plan on eating that late.

        1. Current favorites of mine are Fuleen (Division St), Congee Inc (Bowery), Congee Village (Allen St), and 218 Grand (for fantastic roast meats).

          1. Vegetarian Dum Sum on Pell St. is great -- although no meat dishes here. Super affordable, tasty, and serves dim sum at all hours.

            1. My favorite restaurants in Chinatown:

              Cantonese: Congee Village, but that's perhaps a bit north of Chinatown. Otherwise, New York Noodle Town.

              Shanghainese: Yeah Shanghai Deluxe on Bayard St.

              Malaysian: Skyway on Allen St. between Canal and Division

              I haven't been to Oriental Garden for some time but have read very good reports lately on eGullet by people whose views I respect. The best bet seems to be to point to the types of fish and seafood you want and tell the manager how you'd like them to cook it. It won't be cheap.