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Jun 30, 2006 01:40 AM

Chocolate tart

Now, I've been trying to scour the city for a good chocolate tart. I have tried City Bakery's it looked delicious but it turned out to be lacking in the flavor department. I have tried La Maison du Chocolat's at a chocolate tasting with a friend; it was divine albeit very expensive. I also went to Bouchon Bakery for their chocolate tart. It was chocolatey from ganache to crust but not very sweet; it's very satisfying and pleasing but it costs $9. So, my question is where would you suggest to get a good chocolate tart without being ridiculously expensive?

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  1. Chocokitty, NYC is not Paris. We have more nail salons here than patisseries, and we get the pastry stores we deserve. The competition to make a great chocolate tart here is not so fierce that there will be an outstanding version that's not expensive.

    If I remember correctly,the nine inch diameter chocolate tart at Maison du Chocolat was $21. It could serve four easily, and compared to the $70 millefeuille cake from Lady M or the wonderful cakes at Sabarsky which are around $50, I think it's a good deal for something so delicious, and made with great ingredients.

    1. chikalicious in the east village!
      chika bakes the tart right before its served.
      too bad there's no take out =(