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Jun 30, 2006 12:54 AM

The very best dim sum in Flushing

Going tomorrow for dim sum. Looking for the very best in Flushing. considering Gum Fung and Ocean Jewels. any other recommendations?i know East Lake is closed so that's off the table.

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  1. I'm still partial to Gum Fung, especially since I can't get enough of their tripe in brown sauce...


    1. We have been going to Oceans but I think you'll do fine at either place.

      1. Still bummed about East Lake. Anyone have addresses for Gum Fung and Ocean Jewels?



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        1. re: BlueJay

          Both are on 39th Ave. Ocean Jewels is at 133-30, across from the Flushing Mall. Gum Fung is at 136-28.

        2. I heard that because of competition some places have lowered their prices for dim sum mon-fri to about $2 per portion. Any body heard of this?

          1. We went to Gum Fung and it was good. There was a notice on one of the menu cards that from Sept 1 on, I don't recall whether there was a closing date, the price of dim sum would be reduced to $1.00 or $1.50 M-F.