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Restaurants in North Lake Tahoe

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I will be in Lake Tahoe next week staying near Tahoe City. Any suggestions for good places to eat? We have reservations at PlumpJack, but we like all types of food including all ethnic food(except I don't like Japanese). We're looking for good places, hopefully some of which aren't too expensive.


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  1. Our favorites for leisurely lunch on the lake are Jakes and Garwood.

    1. Soule Domain used to be excellent & in a charming old cabin, but haven't been there for awhile...

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        Soule Domain is at the top of their game as of May 2009. It's a superb, romantic, innovative restaurant with superb mountain-friendly service. Thankfully, I can walk to it, from my cabin. Life is good! Enjoy.

      2. Thanks! What types of food are those and where are they?

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          Not knowing who you are referring to (Moderator take note), I am guessing you are replying to my suggestion of Jakes and Garwood. Jakes is in a shopping mall (Lake side) in Tahoe city. Garwood is also lake side in Carnelian Bay. They are both California cuisine or resort cuisine. Nothing special, but done well, and with Lake view.

        2. Sol y Lago in the Boatworks in Tahoe City has excellent, and reasonably priced nueveo latino cuisine. The River Ranch does great game and is in a very nice location near Alpine Meadows. Christy Hill has a wonderful spot looking out over the lake and half price appetizers in the bar. It's also in Tahoe City. The fish station in Truckee has a very good grilled swordfish sandwich with wasabi cream. I also like Moody's Bistro in Truckee.

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            Sol y Lago went out of business sometime in 2008.

          2. By far, the finest cuisine in the area is Wild Goose in Tahoe Vista (http://www.wildgoosetahoe.com).

            Jakes, Sunnyside and Garwoods are fun but "corporate" style restaurants with good locations but it will be hit or miss and average food.
            Fiama in Tahoe City has excellent wood fired pizza and pasta.
            Sol y Lago is new with a celebrated chef and is getting good reviews.
            The West Shore Cafe has re-opened and we are excited to try it again although I heard it's quite pricey. We have always enjoyed the routine of boating to and from dinner there from Tahoe City.
            Lake House Pizza is sorely missed.

            Tahoe is a tough market because the rents are high and business is very seasonal and weather dependant. Many places that used to be good have gone downhill or changed hands so the feel is not the same.

            See you on the lake!!!

            1. Wild Goose was the best cuisine but is now closed to the public. It has become the private restaurant for owners at NorthStar and Old Greenwood. I believe that was a very poor decision as I've driven by the last few Saturday nights and it was pretty empty.

              1. Oh......I'm sooooooo disappointed!
                Thanks for the info.

                1. OK.....we're here now and taking liberties to experiment with new places:

                  here's where we've been so far:

                  Sol Y Lago .....
                  pretty good spanish tapas,
                  interesting menu which included beet, mandarin orange and fennel salad, english pea empenadas, coconut milk sauteed prawns, brusselsprouts with bacon and a pork chop entree.....
                  all our dishes came out at the same time so our entire meal took less than 45 min. which was wayyy to fast for our evenings entertainment. this new spot will need to be tweeked before I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

                  The River Grill
                  excellent preparations and fresh food but the menu should be updated for the summer. Everything listed was on the "comfort" side. We did get a bit of an attitude because we were not locals.

                  Great pizza and pasta

                  Lone Eagle Grill at the Hyatt..
                  Believe it or not, this was an excellent meal both in service and presentation.
                  We go there every so often when we want to gamble afterwards and have had some great and some not so good meals there. I guess it all depends on the current management and chef.
                  I had the duck and my husband was convinced into the Elk and was not dissappointed.

                  We had never been so we went for lunch..........we had heard it was the best place for a burger in town. Well, a 20 minute wait turned into 45 minutes and although the burger was fine....it certainly was not worth the wait for both the seating and the service.

                  Stopped by by boat at around 2:30 for a drink and app.'s and still had to wait for a table in the bar area (although this is much better than the hover and chase days of "seat yourself"). It's where the "beautiful people" are and the energy was fun. We had drinks and a Prawn Martini that were good and was serviced with a smile. My suggestion is that they add more such nibble and munch app.'s to their menu.

                  I'll update more when I have some new reviews.

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                    You know, I've been meaning to make a comment on the Lone Eagle Grill...I've never been a big fan of the Hyatt restaurants/food in general, although I've enjoyed Sunday Brunch there several times (somehow the view/champagne/overall vibe won out over the food...). However, I must admit I went to a wedding there over Fourth of July weekend, and despite the crowds in the hotel the food was decent. They had buffet service for dinner, and everything was fresh and tasty. I hear there is a new chef, maybe things are on the upswing? Also, although we didn't do the Sunday brunch there that day, it was just ending when we arrived early for the wedding, so we had a drink in the bar while we were waiting. We "checked out" the food being served on the brunch buffet and it certainly looked good.....

                    1. re: janetofreno

                      Are you referring to the Lone Eagle Grill (which is across the road on the lake) or the Sierra Cafe (in the main hotel) which serves buffets and is the hotel's main cafe?
                      They are quite different experiences and menus.

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                        The one on the lake. They serve a Sunday buffet brunch, that's what looked good. The food I ate was a buffet prepared especially for the wedding I attended.

                    2. re: MSK

                      Re: the River Grill: I am curious as to what type of attitude you got as 'not locals'? Given the influx of folks in and out of Tahoe (a lot of people live there part of the year, work there for a short time and move on, etc.), it seems hard to believe that they'd even know if you were local or not (not to mention that if memory serves or unless I am thinking of the wrong place, the place is affiliated with a hotel, so you'd think they would be welcoming of non-locals)...or did you mean, 'not a regular'? what made you think it was your status and not just attitude in general?

                      1. re: susancinsf

                        First let me say that we have been coming to LK at least once a month for over 22 years. We owned a house in CB for 10 years and this year, decided to take our summer vacation in TC for 5 weeks instead of doing an extravagant trip to Europe, etc. for the same $$. So far (2 weeks into it), we have not had a moment of regret. We know the area so well that we are totally relaxed and having fun. The weather's been perfect.

                        Knowing that we have more than a 1 week stint has opened us up to trying out new things (trails, etc.) and places. We have seen so many restaurants come and go. Some we miss (Wild Goose, Truffula and Coyote Grill). And some that remain but are a shadow of their former selves (Rosies before the fire, La Petite Pier, etc.).

                        I believe you are referring to River Ranch which is affiliatated with the Inn near Alpine Meadows. The River Grill is less of a tourist location (across the river from Bridgetender, just at the Y and across the road from Albertsons) and attracts many locals. We went on a pretty empty tourist week and there were lots of groups of friends that were there for happy hour...many that seemed to know one another. I don't believe there was anything about our demeaner or attitude....we are a generally friendly, congenial couple. We had just arrived in TC and I was asking questions about things like the day for farmers market, if they were still doing Wed. night movies on the beach, etc. The waitress was totally not into offering that kind of information and offered no answers. She then went off to chat and laugh with the regulars. She wasn't completely rude, mind you, just not solicitous and friendly. I did find all the information I needed on a flyer taped to the wall at the hostess stand. When I asked if I could come around to look at it, she ripped it off the wall and said "keep it, no one here needs this stuff." I guess you could qualify this as "I was not a regular" rather than "a non-local" but I kinda think it's generally the same in this instance. I NEVER get this attitude anywhere else in Tahoe.

                        Moving on....

                        We went to Gar Woods by boat and Yuk! We will probably not go again except for a Wet Woody. The food is so incredibly average for pretty high $$. $34 for an overcooked halibut that did look pretty on the plate. A different visit offered apps. like Mahi Mahi tacos and Chicken lettuce cups that were ill-conceived, messy, impractical (lettuce with holes for ex. that would not hold the contents) and looked much better on the menu. Finally, $170 seemed high for 1 drink, 2 shared salads, 2 sandwiches and 1 shared entree. Go figure?

                        I'll third the Squeeze Inn in Truckee and also had a wonderful lunch at Dragonfly. the later had a very imaginative menu with items I'm excited to go back and try.

                        I have also heard good things about Pisano Pizza (posted below) but it's oh, so far for a pizza. i'll have to suck it up I guess.

                        We walked in-to Bacchi's Italian and walked out before being seated. I guess it's a winter destination. It was dark and depressing on a summer's evening.

                        More to follow....I'm here for 3 more weeks.

                        1. re: MSK

                          I would consider it a fairly strong possibility (again, given the mobility in the job market up there and other related factors) that the server didn't know the answers to your questions!

                          You are correct that I was thinking of the River Ranch, however..

                          I do appreciate the clarification, as what you describe is not nearly enough 'attitude' to keep me away from a place with excellent preparations and good food...but then, in a low to mid-end place I am happy if the food comes promptly and the order is correct.

                          1. re: susancinsf

                            It was my impression that it was not "what" the response was to my questions but "how" she responsed.

                            Enough of that however......let's move on.

                            I probably should have waited to enclose all these notes in a trip report ..I'm sorry........but we just had a surprisingly good meal at Jake's and I wanted to make sure I wasn't branded a nay-sayer for my neg. review of Gar Woods.

                            We chose Jakes, again for the beautiful location, as we watched a spectacular lightning show travel across the lake. I learned that they had severed their affiliatiton with the TS Restaurant chain (Hawaii's Keokis, Hula Grill, Kimo's, Leilanis, Sunnyside,etc.) about a year ago. And Bravo!! We had an excellent dinner:Roasted Salmon with a Ponzu/rasberry sauce, Trout stuffed with shrimp/crab/lobster and Braised Short Ribs that were excellently paired with root vegis.. All beautiful and perfectly prepared. We were passing the plates around from person to person with unanimous approval.

                            2 salads, 4 entree's and a bottle of champagne for appprox. the same $$ as Gar Woods. Now I'm not opposed to paying up for an excellent meal but being squeezed for a below average one?? Jake's is our new "boat-to" spot....even if it means just circling around the Marina.

                          2. re: MSK

                            Since you have so much time here, Peluso's, in Kings Beach, imo, has the best pizza around (excluding Ciao in Reno). It's tiny, with basically just a storefront window. They have 1 table behind the joint, but it's basically take out. Very thin crust, crispy, and good ingredients. Spindleshanks, in Tahoe Vista has excellent American food. They have the best stuffed artichoke I've ever had in my life. Oysters bienville is also wonderful. Mamasake, in Squaw Valley would be my recommendation for sushi. Another boat place is West Shore Cafe, in Homewood. Great food, but expensive, even for lunch. I had a terrific soft shell crab, but it was $19, at lunch. However, I don't know anyone else serving fresh, not frozen crabs so it was worth it. If you feel like taking a drive to Incline Village, Le Bistro, Fredericks, and Big Water Grill are all worth the trip. Lunch in the bar at Lone Eagle Grill, right on the beach, is also a fun time.

                        2. re: MSK

                          Lone Eagle Elk, is spot on, as is their New York Steak. Service is near perfect.

                        3. The SqueezeInn in Truckee (~20 minute drive) has great breakfasts.

                          1. We used to get up to Tahoe frequently and have always loved Christy Hill. We even made the trek to Squaw a few times before they moved to Tahoe City. Since the choices in Tahoe were pretty limited until the past few years, I was thrilled when I discovered Christy Hill in the early 80's and over the years, I've had many wonderful meals there. And so I was surprised that it had not been recommended on this thread.

                            I've always found the food there to be interesting and well-prepared, if not particularly innovative. The service, wine list and view more than make up for that. It's been about 3 years since we were last up in Tahoe but I believe Christy Hill is still open. I'd love any word on Christy Hill from anyone who's been there recently. We'll be in Tahoe next month and were planning to dine there. I'd hate to be disappointed and would prefer to keep my memories happy if there's reason to skip it this time.

                            We also used to frequent a place near King's Beach called Le Bistro (I think). Funky location but really great food. I'd love to know whether it's still there and worth the visit.


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                            1. re: mimosa

                              I also give a big thumbs up to Wolfdales. Had a wonderful meal there a few weeks ago. It's what Christy Hill use to be, with cutting edge cuisine. I would recommend doing 1/2 price appetizers in the bar at Christy Hill. There's good apps and you can really enjoy the view. You can still order off the regular menu if something stands out. Le Bistro, in Incline Village, is still excellent. Modern French cuisine, reasonably priced 3 course menu, and a well thought out wine list. It's a gem. IMO, the finest restaurant around the lake is Plumpjack's, in Squaw Valley. California cuisine and fantastic, well priced wine list.

                            2. I'm in Tahoe City for about three months a year (though I'm an SF - and sometimes LA - 'hound) so I've got lots of thoughts on where to eat - I hope this helps!

                              [Note to all visitors to TC and Truckee - you need to check out the glossy Tahoe Weekly - it's a free mag which has coupons for local restaurants, some of which are 2-for-1. Good deals.]

                              For fancy dining in TC, try Wolfdale's - http://www.wolfdales.com/. In the heart of TC and they've got very good, very imaginative food, with a really strong wine selection. Good service. It's on the spendy side, though.

                              On the cheaper side, there's Rosie's in TC. They revamped their menu a couple of years ago, rendering it very difficult to read and navigate. I think it's gone downhill a bit in the last couple of years, but it's still a consistently good bet especially for breakfast and dinner. Lunch is more likely to be a miss, unless you're just going for burgers.

                              Their meatloaf and potroast are both exceptional for dinner. The bar, however, really does cater to locals. I eat here often enough to get recognized, but during the winter especially, there's a good deal of out-of-towner bashing which you might notice if you decide to eat at the bar.

                              Further north, around Carnelian Bay, try CB's for excellent pizza, burgers and enormous salads. It's in a little strip mall across from a 7-11, but it's worth it.

                              Also in Carnelian Bay is the Old Post Office - very good breakfast: 5245 N Lake Blvd. Carnelian Bay, CA 96140

                              Tahoe Vista has a couple of really good spots - including Steamers and Jasons, the latter having an enormous (and not entirely healthy) salad bar. Both have great views of the lake but I prefer Jason's with its larger deck and better menu.

                              For excellent Mexican food, try Sancho's in Tahoe Vista. Good tacos and burritos. Super casual - it's a taqueria.

                              Back on 89, near Homewood, I STRONGLY recommend Pisano's Pizza at 5335 W Lake Blvd, Homewood, CA. (It's across from Obexer's, which is a big red barn and thus unmissable). GREAT pizza and wonderful service. Wine is just plonk but the pizza's great, some of the best I've had with a very very good crust (cornmeal?).

                              As for the Bridgetender, the service IS hit or miss. It's standard pub fare, so once you think of it more as a bar with food - as opposed to a restaurant with a full bar - your expectations are better managed.

                              I wholeheartedly second the rec for the SqueezeInn in Truckee. GREAT breakfasts. Fun, friendly service.

                              Hope that helps.

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                                A second for Old Post Office Cafe in CB--one of our all-time favorite breakfast places.

                              2. PlumpJack has very good burgers (in their bar area, not necessarily the more formal part of the restaurant) and some very good beers, too.

                                1. Dear Tahoe residents ---

                                  What happened to "Petit Pier" near Kings Beach - it used to be the best around almost anywhere.

                                  I noticed the sign was still up a month ago when I was there. Is it still open and why has it become forgotten. It was the first to serve genuine "cuisine" years ago and one meal in particular ranks as one of my all time world bests.


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                                    Petit Pier, is some of the finest dining I've had on the N. Shore. Their sign is still up, but I never see any advertising--so I'm not certain if they are in business, or not. I'll have to stop, when driving by, to see if they are still in business. I'll report back in a couple of months.

                                    1. re: Brent Courier

                                      I'm pretty sure I saw a "for sale" sign there the other day.

                                  2. I've been here at Lake Tahoe for the past week, and have enjoyed wonderful meals at GarWood, Jakes, Sunnyside and in Truckee Moodies. Have actually eaten 3 nights at Sunnyside as we come in off the boat. Highly recommend the "Wet Woodie" at GarWoods. Its their signature drink and boy is it good. We opted for a second one instead of dessert.

                                    1. Here's an update:

                                      The kids arrived so things have been more casual.

                                      We biked to Squaw Village and tried Mamasake for lunch. Menu was interesting, preparations were fresh and service was excellent considering we were the only ones in the place. We ordered conservatively considering it was lunch and it was on the pricey side. I should add that ordered a very simple unagi maki sushi...they charged $12 for an 8 piece roll but it was beautifully presented.

                                      Lanza's for Italian was abundant, well priced and generally good homestyle Italian in Kings Beach. Chic and Veal parmigiana, sauteed calamari steak. Entree's run under $20 and include salad, and a side of pasta in addition to huge portions. Good for families.......watch out for the Lanza's Lemonade (alchol.)!!

                                      Boated in to Sunnyside again and had a possitive experience at lunch for salads, burgers and sandwiches. Great service and people watching. Worth a try for dinner again??

                                      I "sucked it up" and drove down to Homewood to try the much acclaimed Pisano's Pizza. The place was jam packed with locals (no tourists here) and the service was hopping! They really did an excellent job considering how quickly the tables turned over. Ceasar salad was good and arrived quickly. The pizza was good not great however and the Wine was poor. The crust is thin and they turn the edges under to make the outside edge. It falls off when you pick the slice up and is a bit tough. We tried 3 varieties and can't say much for the sauce but ingredients were fresh. I wouldn't turn it down but think that Front Street in TC is comparable and will wait for the return of Lakehouse before returning there.

                                      Wolfdales, Jasons are on our list and we will go back to Fiamma.

                                      More later.

                                      1. The next update and our days here are numbered:

                                        We made it to Wolfdales and found it good enough to return with a new group of guests a few weeks later. Interesting preparations, asian flare, great service and good wine list.

                                        Had a group that included young children and so we tried Jason's in Kings Beach. Fun and pretty decent for the $$ in a very casual atmosphere.Burgers, ribs, pasta etc.....job done.

                                        Fiamma was great again.

                                        The menu at Plump Jack had so many options that we could not decide on so we ordered them all and split them. Cold Mint Pea soup was awesome but the dollop of creme fraiche was too much. Their signature Ahi Cones with avo. were yummy. Proscuito wrapped scallops with grapefruit and mandarins were great too. The only item which fell short was the seafood paella.....seafood was wonderful, it was the rice that fell short...too thin and crunchy. Service was perfect so we'll forgive them and give them another try. Prices were within range for top notch Tahoe fare.

                                        Had another dissappointing experience at Gar Woods. "Why go?" you may ask...... but the gas dock gives us coupons for free drinks with a purchase of a fillup and the Wet Woody's sure are tasty.

                                        We received a report of "outstanding and special" for Sol y Lago so we will try and visit there again. Going to try and squeeze in Peluso's pizza too before we leave.

                                        1. By the way.......the CC cookies from the Bagel shop in TC are to die for!!!

                                          1. I'm going to be North Lake Tahoe this weekend. Is the Boulevard Cafe' on Lake Blvd still there? I really enjoyed it on my last trip.

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                                            1. re: deaninkc

                                              The building is still there but the restaurant looked abandoned when I passed there the other day. :(

                                            2. Jason's, in Kings Beach has a terrific salad bar that definitely hits high marks on the value quotient. Lone Eagle Grille, next to Hyatt Incline is spot on, for a high-end evening. Wild game, service, and ambience. Very nice. (One of the best NY Steaks I've ever had (I've had 'em almost everywhere, seriously. Ruth's Chris, Flemings, Jocko's (Nipomo, CA) (tie), La Cave on the right night (Costa Mesa, CA) et all.)) Grab a burger, onion rings, and a Sierra Nevada on tap at the Char Pit--yummy. Lanza's for family Italian night (they've been in business since I was a child (I'm 43-now.)) I'm on board with Garwoods--best zucchini sticks on the planet, really. (I know that's an odd item to cite, but trust me. . .) Sometimes they have happy hour pricing on apps and their rum-runner-type slushy (Wet Woody?--sounds gross, tastes great.) Fun atmosphere, lake front.

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                                              1. re: Brent Courier

                                                I'm curious Brent....when were you at those locations last? Do you go to Tahoe very often?

                                                I ask because many of the places you mentioned have been hot spots at some time or another but their heyday has surely passed.

                                                Jason's, for ex., may be high on the value quotient but is not on the quality level. Salad bar, yes, high caliber, fresh ingredients, no. Good place to go for a burger if you have young children who can't sit for long (loud) but not much more. The existence of a salad bar, in general should be an indication.

                                                I have had many a good meal at the Lone Eagle but if you do a search on this board, you will see that the only thing consistent is their inconsistency. It all depends on the current management and who they've got in the kitchen. Unfortunately you won't know that until it's too late. Chances are you will not have the experience you had hoped for, for prices they charge. They also no longer allow corkage which, as a policy, annoys me. The bar is fun and would be good for app.'s by the firepit I suppose.

                                                Lanza's may have been there for years and always draws a huge crowd but a lot of food does not necessarily always mean good food. The kids like it but they use the same red sauce for every dish that has tomatoes in it. It is hardly the best Italian you can find.

                                                Wet Woody's are indeed a great drink at Gar Woods but don't waste your $$ on this over priced, un-imaginative corporate food joint. (Seriously, some of the items menu they sell at Costco) Bad service also mars what could be an awesome lakefront location.

                                                Petite Pier was indeed a fine traditional French restaurant in it's day. Unfortunately, this restaurant has been closed for years. Probably because palates have gravitated to less heavy, bistro style French cuisine (even Christy Hill has updated their menu),

                                                Reports from Soule Domaine are still favorable.

                                                I don't mean to slam all your suggestions but when people only have a few days a year to visit the area....it is best that they make their choices based on current information and not memories of yesteryear.

                                                1. re: MSK

                                                  I see that these are first time posts for BC, and may not realize they are responses to a nearly three year old thread. As you point out, there have been many updates on the area during the past year, or several months for that matter.

                                                  Here's what a search on "Lake Tahoe" brings up for the past year:


                                                  You can narrow it by searching for "North Lake Tahoe" "Tahoe Northshore" or the individual little burgs around the lake (Tahoe City, Incline Village, etc, etc). Personally, I'm intrigued by the number of great reports on places in Truckee.... gotta get up there more often.

                                                  1. re: MSK

                                                    Yes, I go to N. Tahoe--often. At no point, other than my kudos to finer higher-end dining at the Lone Eagle Grill (obviously, they have consistency problems--however, my complete experiences at this establishment have been very favorable) and Soule Domiane (total package-deal, laid back/charming environment, homey service,very good overall flavors), did I state that Jason's, Lanza's, Gar Woods, or the Char-Pit were cutting edge. Most people reading this old thread are looking for advice on their annual/ semi-annual pilgrimage to Tahoe--including the person who was the originator of this thread. They requested some good places to go, and some that were more on the reasonable-side. Dining in Tahoe is a lot different than dining in LA, SF, NYC, Vegas, HNL, Paris, etc. Am I saying that Lone Eagle Grill, Plumpjacks, Wolfdale's, Christy Hill, the old Petit Pier, are: Per Se, Joel Rubichon, Guy Savoy, Alan Wong? No. It's all personal and regional. When I go to Tahoe, I do tend to gravitate toward the warm, fun, familiar, and tried-and-true, splashed with some of the "newer" more contemporary offerings. I just offered a quick, very short swath from more expensive/event dining to cheap--that are good. I think that if people are looking for bulots in aioli caper foam, they are probably in the wrong region of the culinary circle. Rating dining in Tahoe is relative to the environs. Good mountain cuisine, and some simple, tasty local grinds. By the way, I still like a simple salad bar on occasion--I just bring my pocket hand sanitizer along for the exquisite experience.

                                                    Also, thanks PolarBear for lead to a newer thread.

                                                    1. re: MSK

                                                      MSK, I think I agree with you completely. We live here and go to Jake's occasionally especially if we can sit on the deck but inside in the winter. I've like their onion soup in the past but we usually just get a burger. I checked out their salad bar in the last year and it was SO boring.

                                                      If I never eat a Lanza's again, it will be too soon. As you say, it's a good menu for kids and red sauce lovers but the wait is interminable for a meal that I don't enjoy

                                                      We've only had dinner a couple of times at Lone Eagle Grille and I guess we were lucky cause it was great. I've even done their brunch once (used points so nothing to risk) and it was really good for a brunch.

                                                      I DO agree that, for those of us lucky enough to be here all or part of the year, we can make mistakes and settle for less than wonderful. But I really do try to steer visitors to really good or unique.

                                                      BTW, for breakfast we love Firesign on the West Shore. They have a Baker's Benedict where the ham is switched out for sausage patty. Sawtooth Ridge across from the Safeway in Tahoe City is good for all meals. And, of course, Sunnyside, which in my opinion, has THE best view of any lakeside restaurant. Although it can get crowded, it seems like the tables on the deck turn pretty quickly.

                                                      We usually make it to Gar Woods once every year or so for a drink and app on the deck. Tried to have dinner there a couple of winters ago but left. Service was almost non-existent and the menu, we thought, was over priced and nothing to write home about. Instead we went across the street to CBs which is known for their good pizzas but we've like everything we've had there, esp. the fish and chips.

                                                      1. re: c oliver

                                                        c oliver,

                                                        Thanks for your update.

                                                        As far as chumming with MSK and the snobbish nonsense, I respectfully disagree.

                                                        I don't judge, I reflect, on experiences. Was it good, were they nice? Yes or no? I'm certainly surprised by the uppity stances taken by my N. Tahoe brethren.

                                                        You can call me "base," as I don't live there--but I visit my property - quarterly. I usually go out to eat at least once a week. There is nothing wrong with liking the familiar. I never said that the familiar was outstanding--other than the Lone Eagle--which was great when I went there--or a burger at the Char-Pit (which my Mom said "lost her as a fan" on her last visit. (perhaps they smoked a bulb too many that day. . .)

                                                        I enjoy the discourse, but let's not make this a "gang" - mentality.

                                                        We want to bring diners to Tahoe, to help all of their businesses. Let's pop on the positive! As Andrew Zimmern says: "If it looks good, eat it!"

                                                        --Your Friend, Brent

                                                        1. re: Brent Courier

                                                          Brent, I'm confused. Did something get deleted perhaps? You refer to "chumming with MSK and the snobbish nonsense," but I don't know what that's about. I DO believe that some Tahoe posters can get a little snooty but I don't really see that on this particular thread. Not sure about the gang mentality comment either. What AM I missing here. And, yes, the times are hard and Tahoe businesses are suffering but I'm not going to mealy-mouth if I think a restaurant doesn't give value for the bucks. THAT'S not going to bring people back. I go to Gar Woods for a drink (not a Wet Woody) and an app - that's all. I don't go to the Old Post Office cause I think there are better places for breakfast. But I also don't have gigantic expectations like I do in SF or NYC.

                                                          Peace :)

                                                          1. re: Brent Courier

                                                            Sorry, I know this post is ancient, but I saw the reference to Char-Pit. I have to agree with mom - lost some its luster. Maybe because it's not longer "Dave's"!

                                                          2. re: c oliver

                                                            c oliver,

                                                            Being a "chowhound nugget," what would it take to make a new N. Tahoe Dining thread? I think it would be a good idea--instead of discussing on a decade-old initial discussion. What do you think? I believe we can agree on this one. Something tells me that it might be "lively."