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Jun 30, 2006 12:36 AM

Restaurants in North Lake Tahoe


I will be in Lake Tahoe next week staying near Tahoe City. Any suggestions for good places to eat? We have reservations at PlumpJack, but we like all types of food including all ethnic food(except I don't like Japanese). We're looking for good places, hopefully some of which aren't too expensive.


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  1. Our favorites for leisurely lunch on the lake are Jakes and Garwood.

    1. Soule Domain used to be excellent & in a charming old cabin, but haven't been there for awhile...

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        Soule Domain is at the top of their game as of May 2009. It's a superb, romantic, innovative restaurant with superb mountain-friendly service. Thankfully, I can walk to it, from my cabin. Life is good! Enjoy.

      2. Thanks! What types of food are those and where are they?

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          Not knowing who you are referring to (Moderator take note), I am guessing you are replying to my suggestion of Jakes and Garwood. Jakes is in a shopping mall (Lake side) in Tahoe city. Garwood is also lake side in Carnelian Bay. They are both California cuisine or resort cuisine. Nothing special, but done well, and with Lake view.

        2. Sol y Lago in the Boatworks in Tahoe City has excellent, and reasonably priced nueveo latino cuisine. The River Ranch does great game and is in a very nice location near Alpine Meadows. Christy Hill has a wonderful spot looking out over the lake and half price appetizers in the bar. It's also in Tahoe City. The fish station in Truckee has a very good grilled swordfish sandwich with wasabi cream. I also like Moody's Bistro in Truckee.

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            Sol y Lago went out of business sometime in 2008.

          2. By far, the finest cuisine in the area is Wild Goose in Tahoe Vista (

            Jakes, Sunnyside and Garwoods are fun but "corporate" style restaurants with good locations but it will be hit or miss and average food.
            Fiama in Tahoe City has excellent wood fired pizza and pasta.
            Sol y Lago is new with a celebrated chef and is getting good reviews.
            The West Shore Cafe has re-opened and we are excited to try it again although I heard it's quite pricey. We have always enjoyed the routine of boating to and from dinner there from Tahoe City.
            Lake House Pizza is sorely missed.

            Tahoe is a tough market because the rents are high and business is very seasonal and weather dependant. Many places that used to be good have gone downhill or changed hands so the feel is not the same.

            See you on the lake!!!