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Jun 29, 2006 11:41 PM

Korean Noodles Near Wilshire/Western?

I'm taking my first trip to California Market (Western, near Wilshire) and am hoping to find superb neng myun or jajiang myun in the immediate area. Does any restaurant come immediately to mind? I've lived in San Francisco for three years and have not had an excellent rendition of either in AGES.

So far I'm tempted by Mandarin House, but Bu San for Korean sushi mildly appeals (if it's not a pricey meal). Are there better noodle choices than Mandarin House?

And I'll do a search for it, but given the generic name, does anyone know a place called Kim's kichen supplies? It's supposedly a great place to get kitchen equipment for cheap.


(Pei, formerly nooodles)

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  1. Don't know any places with ja jiang mein near the California market but sure would like to!

    We have had Korean style ja jiang mein at a place called "The Dragon" which is at 966 South Vermont. We have also had it from one of the places in the food court at the southwest corner of Normandie and Wilshire--above the coffee place and the icky fast food.

    Both places were good enough. This was my first venture into the Korean style of this dish---I am used to the Chinese version--so I was slightly startled but not unhappy.

    Don't forget to save room for a pancake when you are done at the California Market!

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      Thanks! Pancake? What kind of pancake? I've never been there, so ideas about what not to miss are greatly appreciated.

      I've had "good enough" ja jiang mien, and like you, am kind of ambivalent about how it compares to the Chinese version. That's why I want to try an amazing version. To see which one I like better, once and for all.

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        The thing is, it might have been amazing ja jiang mein but maybe the problem is me and my fondness for the chinese version. So when you find the one you deem amazing be sure to report back Hmmm, if its around Cal Market, it'll be walking distance from the house. . . .

        You can't miss the "pancake" thing. They make and sell them in a trailer right outside the market. Its basically a kneadable dough stuffed with sugar, smacked down on the grill with a weight to flatten it out, fried on both sides and handed over. I think it costs a dollar. Watch out the inside is really really really hot. We usually stand around to eat them but they will put them in a to-go box.

    2. I'm partial to the chik/chic/chilk (arrowroot) naeng-myun at Yu Chun on Olympic near Western. But I have to say my favorite cold noodle dish on a hot summer's day is the dohng-chimi noodles at Gilmok (Corner Place) on James M. Wood near Vermont (farther away from where you'll be but worth the travel).

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        i have to agree with you on this one... lately its been hot...dohng- chimi sounds like a plan for tonight.

      2. I was just at Bu San. it is really good but it is not cheap (not overpriced either).
        Try the Korean seafood pancake at Kobawoo House on Vermont and 7th. It is something to behold.

        1. Is Kim's on 8th Street? My SIL took me to a place that had a great selection of plastic ware and some pots and things, for very cheap, but I was looking for a stone pot and was disappointed they didn't have them (since found).

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          1. re: Mrs Fang

            i believe its on olympic and mariposa.

          2. personally i like the market in the koreatown galleria on olympic and western more than california market. the produce is nicer and they have a larger selection in general (live spot prawns, live abalone, live geoduck clams), but its a bit pricier. they have a big food court too. i like kalgooksu noodles at olympic kalgooksu on olympic just east of crenshaw on the south side. but its warm soup based noodle.

            the cold somen noodles at corner place (mentioned above) are famous and very good. i second yu chun. theres another yu chun at alexandria and sixth in the 7-11 minimall with pho la.

            my favorite mung bean pancakes (since we're on the subject) would be at a place with no english name. its in the large two story strip mall on 8th and oxford across from assi supermarket. if youre going east on 8th, i believe you pass oxford (and pollos a la brasa) and then make a right turn into the first driveway. as you turn into the complex you will be facing the restaurant i speak of. they also serve seafood kalgooksu. but the mung bean pancakes are fresh and crispy at the edges. yum!