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Jun 29, 2006 11:13 PM

place to screen potential chowhounds in Raleigh

My husband and I got tired of going out with people who consider themselves adventurous eaters because they like P.F. Changs so I decided to start a meetup group for Raleigh Foodies (contact me if you would like to join). Our problem is that, though we live in Raleigh, we usually eat in Durham and Chapel Hill. Though the group will dine in those areas as well, I'd like to have the first one in Raleigh. Any ideas for Raleigh (liquor license a must)?

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  1. Sounds great, Jenn V. I'd also like to meet other 'hounds. I live in Ralieghm too. As far as an idea for an event, I'd suggest a taco crawl. There are about 15 great places for authentic tacos in Raleigh. I think my favorite is the taco stand inside the Amoco station on Capitol.

    Is this meetup group at meetupdotcom?


      Folks, Jenn is specifically asking for recommendations where she might have an intial meeting with Chowhounds, the implication being that she is looking for a venue with good chow and that serves liquor. Please do chime in with your recommendations for a venue, but please, no discussion about the logistics of this specific event, or how to organize such a group, that would be off topic for this board. It would be perfectly acceptable if Jenn would like to post an email address here or a URL to one of the various social networking sites available on the Internet to handle all of the "off Chowhound board" communications.

      Thanks for understanding and helping us maintain chowhound as a valuable resource for finding delicioius chow.

      1. We live in Raleigh and love this idea. I generally prefer ethnic and a taco crawl sounds like fun, but for a first meeting, maybe something like Enoteca Vin. It's a bit pricey, but thise who prefer not to spend too much can graze. Alternately, a tapas place might also make sense. Lots of different tastes. I'm no expert on this, but have been meaning to try: Tosca Brava, Zely & Ritz, Humble Pie, the Underground. The Red Room has 50% off deal on tapas on Monday nights. Was there last week and their roast duck with fried bananas in a chocolate sauce was far better than it sounded.

        Let's do it!

        1. Hey There TerryG and others-

          The first gathering will be held July 15th at Sitar Indian Palace in North Raleigh.

          More info to be found here:

          We hope to see some of you there.

          1. Wish I lived in Raleigh (Durham, actually) - I love Magnolia Grill. When I travelled there on business I always went to Magnolia Grill - always enjoyed the food.