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Jun 29, 2006 11:08 PM

philly chowhound iso napa vally suggestion

friends of ours who are newlyweds will be vacationing in napa valley in a few weeks. we would like to send them for lunch or dinner as a gift. it has been a while since we have dined in the area.
they would appreciate a menu that uses local ingredients. they also eat fish but not meat.
it need not be a formal dining experience. casual but special is preferred.
any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. If they are into "raw bar" type fish as in oysters, clams, crab, I'd send them to Bouchon, the best raw bar in Younteville. We also really like Bistro Jeanty in Younteville for good rustic French fare.

    The new hot place in Younteville is Redd which has gotten some very good reviews. It would be a bit more upscale that the other two I mentioned.

    I'm sure they'll be suggestions in both Napa and St. Helena. Martini House in St. Helena is very nice. Terra for Japanese-French fusion, excellent, outstanding.

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      I agree with the Bouchon raw bar. My husband loves it. Martini House is a favorite of mine. They have a nice mix of food and a great patio in the summer.

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        I second Redd.

        Here's my experience with the place:

        The menu I copied from that night was lost in the transition.

      2. RTMonty has listed some greats. (Although I have to say that when I lived in Napa @ 6 years ago, Terra was always disappointing.) To these I will add Pilar in downtown Napa. Perhaps an unsung hero, Pilar's food is wonderful and the chef can often be seen in the kitchen. It's a bit more intimate than some of the othrs mentioned.

        Julia's Kitchen might also be nice. It's located at the COPIA center and the grouns host many small raised bed gardens for the kitchen.

        1. You've got some good suggestions. Pilar, Bouchon and Martini House are my favorites among them. I'd also add Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen in St. Helena - eclectic menu using some local ingredients and definitely qualifies as "casual but special."