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Jun 29, 2006 11:04 PM

What can I do with vanilla vodka, besides give it away?

My husband got a bottle of Grey Goose Vanilla flavored vodka. We're not big vodka drinkers, let alone vanilla vodka. Any recommendations for drinks to make with it that aren't really sweet? When I poked around online, the only recipes I could find sounded way too sugary.

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  1. plain and simple, add ice and seltzer.

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    1. It's very low-brow, I know, but vanilla vodka & diet coke actually make for a pleasant combination. It tastes more like a Dr. Pepper, and isn't sugary but more citrusy & smooth.

      1. Vanilla vodka & diet coke is always a good combo.

        I'm not sure how sweet is too sweet, but vanilla vodka with coconut soda is surprisingly good. Very refreshing. (Coconut soda is a surprisingly good and unusual mixer with a variety of flavoured vodkas.) I think that a friend likes it with ginger beer, but I'm not sure.

        You can also make chocolate martinis with it - equal parts vanilla vodka and creme de cacao. Sometimes I add a dash of Godiva liqueur after I've poured it into glasses.

        1. Also, vanilla vodka and ginger ale isn't bad, for a simple highball.

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            I second the ginger ale. Tastes just like cream soda.

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                Called a "vaginger" when garnished with a cherry. And f you add maraschino cherry juice, it's a "bloody vaginger..." I'm very sorry to say.

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                      BTW, I've never heard it called that but then again never ordered it in a bar. UrbanDictionary has some other, more fitting IMO, definitions for vaginger.

          2. Grey Goose is apparently the only maker of vanilla flavor that uses actual vanilla, instead of chemical compounds, so at least you have the good stuff!

            I would recommend you mix it with raspberry vodka and grand marnier, maybe a splash of lime, you're good to go. It's also used in drinks that taste like creamsicles (orange and vanilla) but I've foudn the better ones are basically vanilla vodka, another flavored vodka, and a splash of something or other to cut the sweetness.

            Vanilla vodka, gingerale, and a splash of angostura bitters is also VERY tasty.

            Not that this is an everyday thing, but one of the best things ever is a shot of vanilla vodka mixed with a half-shot of frangelico - take the shot and then bite immediately into a lemon slice dipped in sugar. it tasted EXACTLY like a piece of buttermilk chocolate cake. I have no idea how that works, but its totally crazy (and delicious).