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Jun 29, 2006 10:46 PM

Desperately seeking Spanish Rose'

Any fans of Spanish rose' (rosado) out there? I'm looking for a dry, crisp, yummy wine that is generally available and not too expensive.

Last summer, my everyday hot-weather wine was Vina Vilano, but it's not available this year in my area. (A distributor told me that the vineyard had been sold, and the new distribution and "rebranding" isn't done yet.)

I've tried the Marques de Caceres rose, and don't like it - it tastes thin and bland to me. I'm looking for something with more fruit and character that's still dry and classically "Spanish".

Any suggestions?


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  1. I too am a fan of Rose. Lately the Spanish wines have been going a little over the top, 14+% alcohol, lacking acidity etc. But was happy to find one of my old favorites back in the states after an absence of several years.

    Julian Chivite Gran Feudo Rose is all Grenache, relatively low in alcohol, crisp, and has gobs of fruit - reminds me of pomegranates. It is also inexepensive $8 as I recall.

    I picked it up at K and L in San Francisco - but you might be able to find in in MSP at one of the better wineshops. It's a fairly high production item - I am sure that they could order it for you.

    1. I've been drinking the Muga rose this summer - about 12 dollars in NY.

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        Tried the Muga rosé in San Francisco last month - loved it. Very crisp, minerally and elegant. For a long time, the local importer wouldn't bring it in. I'm happy it's here now. But I don't consider it a fruit-forward style, so don't know if it will please the OP.

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            Also CUNE and El Coto.

            Nice article on Spanish rosados by Gerry Dawes found here:

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              we went though a boatload of CUNE over the summer and, with our weather here in San Diego, I expect to keep on drinking right through the winter...also enjoy Muga and Gran Fuedo

      2. A few months ago, I had a Comtesse de Leganza (sp). I liked it - intense strawberry flavors.

        ed (the poster formerly known as e.d.)

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! I've seen Muga and Gran Feudo somewhere in town, so I'll check them out. Never seen Comtesse de Leganza, but I'll keep looking.

          And I discovered one more: Vega Sindoa rose' ($8 on sale). I had a bottle this weekend; it wasn't as good as Vina Vilano, but it was pretty good. It's a mix of Tempranillo and Cabernet grapes. (I think Vina Vilano is 100% Tempranillo.)

          So at least I have a few options.

          Thanks for the help!

          1. Try the 1+1=3 Cabernet Rose 2004 from Penedes. Runs around 14-18$ Out of all the Spanish Rose options i've tasted, this one is the best IMO