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Jun 29, 2006 10:32 PM

grocery stores in korea town

any recs for korean grocery in korea town LA ?

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  1. i typically go to either HK or California, both are on Western a bit north of Wilshire.

    1. i'm at California market every weekend loading up on produce. very, very good & cheap.

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      1. re: jamonsandwich

        For most produce, I go to the Hollywood Farmer's market between Sunset and Hollywood.

        Worth every extra penny.

      2. Is California cheaper than Galleria? Galleria is closest to me, and I like that it's immaculately sparkly and clean on the inside, but I just feel like I'm paying a lot for what I'm getting.

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        1. re: Pei

          California Market is probably cheaper than Galleria. It is not totally immaculate on the inside, perhaps a bit worn, but they are so nice about handing out the samples. . . .Oh and don't forget the hot pancake thing on your way out!

          That said, I think California market is going away so they can put up a mini mall because as we residents know, K-town lacks enough mini malls.

        2. I like Hannam Chain on Olympic and Vermont for their seafood and banchan sections. When they have it, Dungeness crab goes for 4.99/lb! I like California Market for their produce and meat....