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Jun 29, 2006 10:02 PM

I'm looking to expand my mustard options . . .

In my fridge, right now, is a bottle of French's yellow and a jar of Dijon, and that's about it. What other mustards out there are worth trying? I'm not interested in super sugary concoctions, since I prefer my mustard on the savory side.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Have you looked at the selection in your local grocery store or deli? Anything look especially interesting?

    I have a tarragon mustard that I like (sorry, can't remember the name). I also like russian and German style mustards.

    1. I don't know where you are, but Philippe's in Los Angeles has really great hot mustard (see link below).

      Also, if you are a DIY mustard 'hound, I'd suggest getting a jar of regular French's and adding some wasabi to it ... beats the pants off of anything Grey Poupon can put out ...

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        Oh my god, Phillipe's is the best mustard EVER! I'm a huge mustard lover and usually I'll user a couple teaspoons of mustard for each bite of food, but Phillipe's is so potent and spicy that only a small dab is needed. When I visited LA to eat at Phillipe, I almost didn't notice the mustard in the jar at the end of the table until my mom pointed it out and said "what's this?" From there I was hooked and promptly bought two jars of the stuff. It's so hot (for a non-flavored mustard) that I couldn't believe that horseradish wasn't listed among the ingredients. Gulden's pails in comparison.

      2. I love -- could eat it by the spoonful! -- Maille Dijon Originale. I don't care as much for the other "flavors" of Maille, but the Original is nothing special...just a really good taste. It also mixes well in salad dressings; it doesn't overpower the other ingredients.

        1. If you're in Toronto, there's a mustard vendor in the St. Lawrence Market that sells all manners of mustards - like 30+ types, if I remember the number correctly.

          But I agree with Darren72 on the yumminess factor of tarragon mustard!

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          1. re: Juniper

            the mustard vendor Juniper is referring to is named Kolzick's and they have a website where you can order them online.


            I actually would highly suggest them as their potency is so great that only a small dab is necessary. the flavour is fantastic and considering that 90% of the mustard seeds come out of Canada (they even go off to France, this is off of the website and soemwhere else), we have superb mustard making conditions ;


            the garlic mustard is among my faves... a good savoury flavour accentuated with a kick to clear your sinuses if you're not careful.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              this site looks fabulous - i'm very excited. thanks!

          2. I adore mustard... I have about four different types in the fridge now...

            Aside from Frenches Yellow (A MUST for ham sammiches), I also adore Maille's original and even better for cooking and texture, whole grain... I love when a grain pops in my mouth!

            For spicy, I love Beaver Sweet and Spicy mustard. It tastes so good and then it BURNS ya bad...

            For sweet, I adore the Champagne Honey Mustard I get from my local Ralphs/Kroger

            I've also tried and liked TJ's Cranberry Mustard (Awesome with turkey sammiches) and of course Grey Poupon for making Salad Dressings. There is no better elmusifier! :)