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Jun 29, 2006 09:56 PM

Best Thai Food?

Short of going to Queens... is there any decent Thai in Manhattan? (Please don't say Peep or Lemon Grass)

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    1. re: devil

      I second Pongsri. I took a Thai cooking class in the City and the instructor recommended Pongsri.

      1. re: nodiane

        Pongsri in Chinatown is awesome - but I've found the restaurants inconsistent between their multiple locations. Pongsri has hands-down the best and most authentic noodle soups (served in metal bowls) that I've ever tasted in NYC - be it the shredded chicken or the beef-ball versions.

      1. Stay away from Planet thai on N 7 in Willamsburg. Food is great but the service kill's it.

        1. thai angel has a branch in queens and one in manhattan I think too. check that out. the food is very good

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          1. re: cassbro

            I must disagree -- I found Thai Angel on Grand St. in Manhattan to be very bland even though I asked for it spicy. Same old heavily Americanized Thai food. At least at lunchtime when I went anyway.

            Best Thai in Manhattan is Wondee Siam on the *east* side of 9th Ave. in the lower 50s, I think between 52nd and 53rd. No atmosphere, but who needs it? I think this is the least Americanized Thai in Manhattan.

            I don't get why Pam Real Thai (404 W. 49th St. near 9th Ave.) has been praised so much, but it's been a few years and I only tried it once or twice, so maybe I should go back and give it another shot.

            But really, nothing compares to Sripraphai. It's worth the trek to Queens. It's not that far out, really. If you haven't been, then you don't understand. Before I went, I thought all the regular Thai places were great, but then I realized I'd been eating Americanized food. Thai food is like chocolate (or unmentionable R-rated things): Even when it's bad, it's still kinda good.

          2. i don't have a recommendations but stay away from lemongrass grill.