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Jun 29, 2006 09:49 PM

Left LA in 1999 - what have I missed?

I left LA in 1999 after living there for 5 years. I'll be back in town for 4 days... what are some must eats these days? Especially good mexican and thai since those aren't as good in NY.

Any fun recommendations (but just trendy or scenester thanks) much appreciated!

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  1. Babita in San Gabriel for Mexican. (Where are you staying)?

    Babita Restaurant
    1823 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA
    8.9 mi E - (626) 288-7265

    1. If you're around on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you should check out the local Thai food at Wat Thai (a Buddhist temple) in North Hollywood. Our own Professor Salt has a blog page with some great photos of a recent Songkran (water) festival there:

      1. Try

        1. AOC. Cal-cuisine meets 'Ino
        2. Din Tai Fung. Almost the undesputed place for dumplings. Much better than any NYC option. Even NGB. Go crazy. Try the soup dumplings (I like the regular better than the crab). Also, try the pork with shrimp dumplings and the fish dumplings.

        1. La Huasteca has opened since you left. Last year they opened their second location in Pasadena.

          They serve regional Mexican specialties, some that date to precolumbian times. These ancient dishes are obscure enough to most Mexican Americans that the restaurant hands out a Spanish language explanation of the cuisine to their customers.

          I've been there for weekend brunch. Fun, good food, altough I suspect you'd get into the really interesting dishes if you skip the brunch and order a la carte.

          A really killer mariachi band played last time I was there with a group from this board. I did a brief writeup on my blog: