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Jun 29, 2006 09:16 PM

1 week in Vienna

After a layover with disappointing food in Vienna last year, I'm determined to do it right this time. Based on prior posts, on my list thus far are Do&Co, Meinl on Graben, Hansen, Beim Czaak, Immervoll, Zum Finsteren Stern, Huth, Fino.... Am I missing a must-eat? Especially something from the less expensive range? Thanks for any suggestions!

PS: I'm staying at Am Stephansplatz, by St. Stephan's Cathedral, and commuting to Austria Center, but will travel for food.

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  1. For a less expensive option, you might try Inigo, a biesl in the Innere Stadt (Bäckerstraße 18, A-1010 Wien, Tel: 512 745 150, Website: I happened upon it wandering the streets.The schnitzel is always a good choice! We also really liked the garlic soup. For super duper cheap, there's Treszniewski just off the Graben--looking towards the Meinl from Stephansplatz there's a big sign you can't miss. Turn left and it's on the left side of the street. It's a hole in the wall type of place with cheap, tasty egg sandwiches. And the Meinl store has a little area in front with a few tables and to-go type things like panini, salads, and gelato. For pastry, I'd recommend the Oberlaa, there are a few locations around the city. Have fun! We spent a week there in March and loved it! We went to a few neo-beisls a little further out of town that were fantastic. I'd be happy to share if you're interested.

    1. 1. All the places listed in the primary posting are definitely worth visiting. You WILL need to get a reservation for Do&Co, Hansen and Meinl am Grabens upstairs restaurant (which are all quite on the expensive side), maybe also for Finsterer Stern (less expensive), but you can get a table anytime at Czaak, Fino, Immervoll etc.. Trzeszniewski is a must for everyone: get four or five of their small sandwiches and a small glass of beer, all for less then 10 Euro.

      2. Inigo is a special place. It is a social project managed by a catholic church institution (Caritas) and helps to get unemployed people to find a place in society again. Thus, it is recommended, but expect variations in food quality.

      3. If you stay close to St.Stephens, dont miss Figlmuellers Wiener Schnitzel !!


      1. Although you can get a table at Czaak at anytime, if you want to eat outside in the summer, it is best to reserve. Same thing for Zum Finsteren Stern. Both very affordable. Though the latter is more creative (my preference).

        I also recommend highly Gasthaus Wild on Radetskyplatz, on the way to the Kunsthaus Wien, just in case you go there anyway. Traditional food with an eye toward modernity. Definitve caraway pork and anything with their fabulus cherry tomato sauce.

        Completely informal place. Vienna is a great food town, especially for bargain hunters.

        Too bad I haven't seen Michael from Vienna posting on the new board yet!

        1. Thanks Steve, but I am here, I have only had to change my name, since Michael was - of course - taken. So now you will find Viennese tips under "Sturmi"


          I agree with you on Wild, but there are many better ones in the outer districts: My favourite newcomer is the Kutschker 44 (closed for vacation in the first three weeks of August). Their cuisine is similar to Finsterer Stern, but even slightly less expensive: a three course menu for 19 EUR, and a four course menu for 24 EUR...

          For outdoor dining in summer see my (Michaels) posting of last year: there is still Flein, Eckel, Schweizerhaus, Coburg ...

          New outdoor favorites are also Ella ́s on Judenplatz, and ON in the Wehrgasse. But I have not yet tried both !!

          currently vacationing on the Adriatic coast, in Lido di Jesolo, a chowhounds paradise !!

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            Well, I guessed that was you. To the OP: you really can't go wrong with Michael's suggestions.

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              An enthusiastic second for Ella's. The lighter style of cooking is a welcome alternative to the heavier traditional recipes. I ate turbot accompanied by a root vegetable puree and a green vegetable that is escaping me know. I began with a field green salad with pomelo segments and asparagus. Excellent service. Not a budget recommendation, but definitely one of the highlights of our meals in Vienna.

              (I know the date of the original message is 2006, but this information is only current -- June 2008.)

            2. Thank you, Michael, Steve and citizenc3 for the awesome info! I'll report on the eats in a few weeks. Wish we could upload pictures of food...