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what do u think of the new Starbuck's Pomegranate or Tangerine Frappuccino juice blend?

what do u think of the new Starbuck's Pomegranate or Tangerine Frappuccino juice blend? Try one or pass?

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  1. the Tangerine juice blend was good, they use the passion tea along with a mix. I haven't tried Pomegranite yet but the barista said it was good as well.

    1. pom juice frap was just ok. Too sweet and a tiny bit tangy, not enough ice for me. I won't get it again, $3 for a tall. I like their vanilla frap the best.

      1. I tried a Banana Cream frappuchino....it sucked.

        1. i haven't tried the tangerine flavor but the pomegranate blend is real good on a hot summer day.

          1. I thought they were both good, but I preferred the pomegranate, I agree that they need to be more icy though.

            1. The tangerine is decaff, which made it a good drink for my son when I did the drive through for an iced coffee on a hot day in SoCal.

              I tasted it and it was real fruity -- pretty tasty -- though I didn't taste much tea.

              The pom is caffeinated.

              1. The tangerine frapp is very tangerine-y but I was expecting it to be thicker and icier. By the time, I walked out and got in the car, most of the ice had melted and it was essentially an expensive cup of juice and tea. It was not a hot day by any means so I would have expected the iciness to linger much longer. Even though the flavor was good, the consistency was not. I won't purchase it again.

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                  Know what you mean...saw a guy at the dog park the other night drinking one and it appeared that half the ice had melted off and formed this weird looking oil/water sort of separation. He said it was just so-so in taste.

                2. I love that tangerine one. Really great flavor but it did melt a bit too fast. But I drank it so fast that it didn't really matter. Went really good with the cuban take-out lunch I had.

                  1. Both of these sounded good until I tried them. They were way, way too sweet. I wonder if they contain more sugar than regular sodas.