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Jun 29, 2006 09:01 PM

Paris: how about these, and lunch near Musee Picasso?

Hello to everyone. Like some others who have posted to the list, I'll be in Paris the week of July 17. I followed the advice of earlier posts and asked the concierge where we'll be staying to make some dinner reservations for my husband and me. This was easy, painless and fast--I recommend it for all of you who are intimidated using French over the phone!

Here's what we've got--some came highly recommended by friends, others we don't know much about:

L'Entracte (tiny family-owned restaurant in the 18th, near our hotel and Abbesses metro)

Au Bon Acceuil
Le Reminet

In particular, has anyone had good/bad experiences at Maupertu or L'Entracte? I tried to find a mix of traditional and slightly more innovative, and to avoid places that are trendy, since my husband dislikes that sort of thing.

Also, we're meeting a friend for lunch during the week near the Musee Picasso. Any recommendations for a good (good meaning tasty/interesting, not necessarily luxurious)lunch in that area (Marais)?



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  1. In the Marais we like La Baracane on 38 rue de Tornelles (closed Sat. lunch and all day Sun.), with cuisine from Southwestern France.
    In the 7th, we regularly dine at both Au Bon Acceuil and Maupertu, across from Les Invalides, and Le Reminet in the 5th.
    All three have very good value fixed price `"menus". Very nice choices.

    1. In the marais, take lunch at one of the places on the Place des Voges. It is gorgeous, especially in summer. I like La Gueraland du Julie or Ma Bourgone. Don't wander into L'Amboisie in error, unless by some miracle you can get a table. Another fun place is Cafe de Musee--sorry I don't have the address of it or my other rec. of the wine bar Le Coude Fou.


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        Thanks, Maribel and Faijay. I'm glad to have the recommendations.

      2. Thanks, Maribel and Faijay. I am glad to have the recommendations--think I've got the address for Le Coude Fou somewhere.

        1. I had dinner at Maupertu in August, 2004. We ate outdoors, and it was a lovely meal - not too expensive and well prepared. My host had been spending a summer in Paris and had eaten there many times because he enjoyed the cooking and service. I don't think you can go wrong there unless something has changed with time.

          1. Les Philosophes...a nice cafe on Rue Vielle du Temple near Musee Picasso