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Jun 29, 2006 09:01 PM

A Voce Review

I have been to A Voce with my fiance for lunch, and we loved it all around. I just wanted to gather any and all thoughts for this place and its food.

Please share what you ate, what you liked, didn't like! I'm trying to really figure this place out.

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    1. re: Scott V

      LOL that's a good place to start...
      This was a while back so I don't remember everything...

      Duck Meatball Antipasto; Smoked Duck Sausage; Grilled Octopus all out of this world.
      I had the Chicken Cacciatora, which is supposed to be really nice here. It was simple, served in a clay pot and the chicken was unbelievably tender. It was actually really hot, and must have come right from the oven. The braised veal shank is supposed to be killer too.

      We had a dessert special that I don't quite remember, but I wasn't as impressed by it as some of the others. They did have a doughnut style dessert that they had just ran out of when we wanted to order. That looked very good.

      If you like modern, it's nice, although I feel like it's designed to cater to the office crowd...everything from the chairs down to the table height.

      I did not have any problems with service; in fact I thought it was on point. Of course this was for lunch, so I can't speak for prime dinner service. Most important for me is the balance of serving your needs and annoying you, which they managed well.

    2. I like the duck meatball and very much approve the steak tartare, for which I am on a perpetual quest. This one is truffly, but not overpoweringly so. (I like to be overpowered by truffles on occasion but not to the obliteration of the meat). I have had lunch twice and dinner once and afraid i can't recall other items at this distance but know we were very happy with our meals. Note on service: when I made an opentable res. for lunch I noted that a past dinner had been very loud and the manager told me he had made a note of that and seated me in what he hoped was a quieter spot. I think it's actually a matter of acoustics in the space but certainly appreciate thoughtful, professional service.