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Jun 29, 2006 08:45 PM

Philly Chowhounder at the Omni Hotel

Hello DC Chowhounders!

I'll be visiting DC this weekend for one night (Saturday) and am looking for a few spots for breakfast lunch and dinner in the DC area.

I know we help each other out a lot, and am looking forward to your help!

Last time I was in DC I greatly enjoyed strolling around Adams Morgan and checking out your huge aray of ethnic restaurants and was only able to try one Ethiopian restaurant (I forget the name), which I enjoyed. I'm looking to switch it up this time.

I will be staying at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, 2500 Calvert Street NW. Where are some good spots for:

An excellent dinner, nothing too expensive (over $40 per person) but a fun place that will allow us to sit and enjoy our meal, with a cocktail in hand. I would love to try something I can't normally have in Philadelphia.

A breakfast place (perhaps one with good bloody marys or mimosas) with a creative breakfast.

Preferably the restaurants would be close to the hotel or easy to get to and have offerings for a vegetarian (me) but plenty for my meat eating friends!

Thanks so much and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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  1. Take the Red Line toward Shady Grove, get off at Cleveland Park, walk a few stops up the block and next to Magruder's is Palena. Eat in the front room bar area and you can eat very well. If you want to walk uphill on Connecticut past the zoo, you can do that. Because of the heat, the subway ride would be better.

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      I wonder how good the front room of Palena is for a vegetarian. It has a very small menu to begin with, and most highlights involve meat. Do you have any vegetarian suggestions there?

      Right at the same metro stop is Nam Viet. They have a vegetarian dumpling soup (really, a meal in a bowl) that is very satisfying as well as more extensive options.

    2. Is that a vietnmaese restaurant? Sounds good. Tell me a little bit more about Palena - what kind of restaurant is it?

      Any breakfast ideas?

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        Yes, Nam Viet is a Vietnamese restaurant. How did you guess?!?!? For your non-vegetarian companions, I recommend the soft shell crabs, roast quail, stuffed grape leaves, lemongrass pork, and the vietnamese steak.

        Palena is a very good American restaurant split into two parts. A back room where you can order from the main menu only. Expensive. The front room plus some outdoor seating also has a 'bar' menu of simple a la carte items all priced at about $9. Fabulous roast chicken cooked to order (something like a 45 minute wait), burgers, fries, hot dog, etc - all among the best of their kind - are the most commonly recommended items on the bar menu.

      2. There probably isn't much you can get here that you can't get in Philly. But places i'd recommend:

        Brunch/breakfast - take the metro to Dupont Circle and have brunch or breakfast at Kramerbooks. Food is great and excellent people watching if you sit outside.

        Lunch/Dinner - Heritage India (dupont metro) - superb indian food. Good vegetarian choices

        For other vegetarian friendly places, there is Vegetate (cab there) or Vridian (cab is preferable but you could walk from Dupont Circle)