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Jun 29, 2006 08:40 PM

Best Bang for the Buck - Omikase Style - General LA Area

I love sushi, but haven't done Omikase style before. I heard it's the best way to enjoy sushi. But I heard it's also expensive. I would like some recs for good omikase that won't break the bank.

Please help, food gurus/chowhounds.

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  1. I like Noshi Sushi (4430 Beverly Blvd., just east of Western, (323) 469-3458). Good, fresh fish, generous servings, and reasonably priced. They close at 9, and take cash green money only.

      1. Azami on Melrose west of LaBrea has a $35 and $45 Omikase, which is always wonderful.

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          Ditto on Azami - if you do a split order, you can try about 10-12 plates (a good amount of them including pricey cuts like toro, uni, etc.) for $40pp.

        2. Noshi is only worth it if you're really on a budget. Try Tama on Ventura for a real step up, and not for all that much more.

          1. I think Kiriko would be your best bet if you don't want to hit the $100/person mark for omAkase.

            Here's an amazing article that I have bookmarked: