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I love sushi, but haven't done Omikase style before. I heard it's the best way to enjoy sushi. But I heard it's also expensive. I would like some recs for good omikase that won't break the bank.

Please help, food gurus/chowhounds.

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  1. I like Noshi Sushi (4430 Beverly Blvd., just east of Western, (323) 469-3458). Good, fresh fish, generous servings, and reasonably priced. They close at 9, and take cash green money only.

      1. Azami on Melrose west of LaBrea has a $35 and $45 Omikase, which is always wonderful.

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          Ditto on Azami - if you do a split order, you can try about 10-12 plates (a good amount of them including pricey cuts like toro, uni, etc.) for $40pp.

        2. Noshi is only worth it if you're really on a budget. Try Tama on Ventura for a real step up, and not for all that much more.

          1. I think Kiriko would be your best bet if you don't want to hit the $100/person mark for omAkase.

            Here's an amazing article that I have bookmarked:

            1. for "bang for buck value" some people swear by Tama sushi (studio city) although i prefer Kiriko (sawtelle) in the same price range. both are good and will fill you up. do a search and you'll find threads galore...

              1. Noshi is awful. It's not even worth it if you're trying to save money.

                Try Katsu-ya in Encino. It's decent food and quite inexpensive. The atmosphere sucks, but it's a good value. Or, Midori Sushi, it's all you can eat and not so great but AT LEAST more edible than noshi. Stay away from the uni, though. :(

                1. Katsu-ya is okay, but I think their focus tends to be on rolls, not omakase. The best bang for the buck is Kiriko's omakase lunch special. It's soup, salad, ten pieces of sushi (usually nine pieces of nigiri and one blue crab roll), and homemade ice cream. All for $29.50.

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                    Oh I definately agree with you, though they do have an inexpensive omakase set thing there.
                    I was just making a point that you never have to lower yourself to eating at Noshi.

                  2. Noshi's great per the OP's restriction of bang-for-the-buck.

                    I've never before heard that KIriko was great in that regard...there have been many posts here that it's quite expensive.

                    If the OP is willing to stretch to include Costa Mesa, it's Shibucho hands down.

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                      Kiriko's dinner omakase with sushi and cooked food tends to be around $75 per person, without sake. I believe sushi omakase tends to be a little lower. In my experience Kiriko is less expensive than the Nozawa/Sasabune dinner. Though I admit it is not cheap, I wouldn't say it is outrageous given the quality of the fish. I hosted a dinner for 7 people last week where we ordered off the menu. To the best of my recollection, we had the following items: 4 orders (2 pieces in each order) of the following: bluefin tuna, japanese red snapper with sea salt and citrus, scallop with sea salt and citrus, smoked salmon, seared toro, and baby japanese yellowtail. We also had 2 orders of uni, 7 blue crab hand rolls, 2 orders of edamame, three miso soups, and five desserts. Drinks were mainly tea and soda (with one beer). The total price for 7 people before tax and tip was about $320 (or $46 pp). I was actually shocked at how low the bill was.

                      And that says nothing about the bargain that is the lunch omakase special. At $29.50, you get high-end fish. The omakase almost always includes toro, bluefin, smoked salmon (done in-house), seared toro, japanese red snapper, a blue crab roll, and usually one or more of japanese scallop, uni or sweet shrimp. At most places, the two pieces of toro alone would be $12. The OP asked for "best bang for the buck." You can get cheaper sushi, but if you want great quality for the money being spent, Kiriko's lunch realy stands out.

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                        Thanks for all the replies. I guess I should have made more definite what I meant by bang for the buck. I understand sushi never gets cheap, and if it is, you might be in for a bad surprise. I guess anywhere under 80 a person is okay. That $46 dollar meal sounds too good to be true. I'd have to try that.