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Jun 29, 2006 08:40 PM

Tio Pepe

We're headed to Tio Pepe for Restaurant Week and wonder what the dress is like there -- I assume I should make my husband change out of jeans. Also, any can't miss menu items?

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  1. Put a sportcoat on your hubby. It used to be required at dinner but I have not been for awhile. Good: Paella, Roast Suckling Pig(Yum), Solew Bananas. Bad: Anything with their lobster sauce.

    1. Definitely jacket and tie. In addition to jck's fine suggestions let me add the shrimp with garlic sauce appetizer and the pine-nut roll cake dessert.

      1. Sportcoat minimum. I agree on the suckling pig. The flounder with bananas and hollandaise is also very good. JCK and I must have eaten there together. Mom? :) I love the "mushrooms from the caves of Segovia", a fancy name for comfort food creamed mushrooms on toast.Ask for the appetizer sampler and split it. It's not on the menu but will be readily supplied. It includes the aforementioned mushrooms, shrimp in garlic sauce, and some other good stuff. The desserts are overrated by the general public, but I believe the restaurant is underrated here. I had a great lunch there in February with the suckling pig as an entree.

        1. The suckling pig, as everyone else mentioned, is incredible. More so on the quality of meat than the preparation. Hit or miss is the rockfish with champagne sauce. I've had this dish several times when it was on, and it was superb, a taste you can't soon forget. However last time I had it, about 4 months ago, it was bland and the sauce was a little gummy, but I sincercly hope that that was a one time deal. As to attire, I've gone there is a full suit, or just stopped by after a movie wearing no tie or jacket. The service has been excellent either way. They have several little off rooms outside of the two main dining areas they put the people without nice attire, and I've seen people in these rooms wearing far more casual clothes than myself.

          1. My husband and I went last night. I had called to make a Restaurant Week reservation for July, but the man answering the phone said no, RW was *this* week. Okay, the RW website strangely does not say when it is, so I took his word for it.

            Of course, when we arrived, it wasn't RW. But the restaurant honored it for us anyway, which was very nice of us. (We couldn't afford to eat a three-course meal there otherwise.) The pig and shrimp weren't on the RW menu, which, strangely, was already printed up. We started with the mushroom on toast and black bean soup; for an entree I had veal with mushrooms and olives and my husband had tenderloin brochettes; dessert was chocolate cake/whipped cream roll and flan.

            The service was slow-in-a-good-way and friendly. We loved our entrees, also perfectly cooked green beans, and the dessert. The apps were just okay. Sangria, GREAT. We'll go back when we have more cash....