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Maryland Crab-Fest

I'm looking to buy live or pre-steamed (and seasoned with Old Bay, of course) Maryland Blue Crabs for the holiday weekend. Does anyone know of a seafood store that sells them (preferably in Brooklyn, but any of the boroughs will do)?


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  1. Not sure if they're specifically Maryland Blue Crabs but they do sell live crabs in Chinatown - near East Broadway i believe..

    1. I was walking down Canal Street the other day and saw lots of live Maryland Blue Crabs.

      1. C-town is definitely THE place for blue crabs at the best prices They're available at just about every fish market. I've seen them on Mott Street, Canal Street, Grand Street, all over the place. But prices and freshness do vary, so shop around before buying. Also be sure to only buy the fiesty ones who put up a lot of fight (guarantees freshness). Happy eating!

        1. The Sea and Sea market on 116th between 5th and Lenox has them steamed and spiced with Old Bay.

          1. Or you can order them directly from Obrycki's, the best crab shack in Baltimore. I had them (in B-more) a couple weeks ago. Yum, yum, yum.

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              yes, you can, but beware...obrycki's doesn't use traditional old bay seasoning...they use their own pepper blend...i wouldn't want you to be disappointed....try phillip's seafood on line. i know they ship crabcakes, but i dunno about crabs....

            2. This is going to be very vague. A few years ago when I drove a cab I used to pick up steamed blue crabs from this truck on Linden Blvd. He was on the service road, around where Pennsylvania Avenue and the big USPS station is, on the S. Conduit bound side in Brooklyn. He was maybe a mile or so down from Coney Island Joe's. If you have a car and feel like taking a shot and a drive you might want to see if that truck is still there. I believe it's called the Crab Shack. If that doesn't work you should go to Howard Beach which is about 15 minutes from Linden Blvd. Go to Captain Mikes Crab House on Cross Bay Blvd next to the NYFD/Howard Beach firehouse. Let me know if you go to either and what you think. It's been awhile since I've had crab.

              1. Okay! I just got back from Capt. Mike's in Howard Beach. The crabs were awesoume. They steamed them in Old Bay , the shells crunched when you cracked them and the meat was fresh and firm. They don't have much else on he menu except shrimp (which we ordered cajun style), king crab legs and lobster tails. The drinks though limited to beer, soda and bottled water were ice cold. It's outdoor seating on a counter with a tent roof and a view of the inlet. So let's see, 25 crabs, one pound of shrimp, four beers and one bottled water came out to $47.00 sans tip. If you crave dessert there's a Uncle Louie G's and a Cold Stone across the street. Plus New Park Pizza if the seafood doesn't fill you up. Thank you.

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                  Captain Mike's
                  158-35 Cross Bay Blvd.
                  btw 159th Avenue and 158th Avenue

                2. There are some markets in Chinatown that will sell you wholesale. They got some seafood stores that would do it. There use to be one on Elizabeth street but I don't know anymore. Sometimes you can work out a deal with the guy in the fish store in C-Town if you are buying a lot.

                  1. Call Fairway in Red Hook. They may have them.