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Jun 29, 2006 08:31 PM

Pizzeria Bianco.

Recently read a fascinating piece about Chris Bianco. Hype or not?

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  1. The word effusive comes to mind. I still think of Pizzeria Bianco as a pizzeria, not a temple.

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      1. I love good food but am not driven by hype.

        Likewise, I'm not going to line up for a pizza in a city that has no lines at any other place. This is Phoenix, not SoHo.

        If the owner really wants to impart his vision of good eats, then open earlier, open for lunch, open a few other places, etc. I'm guessing the same great toppings, cheeses, crust, etc. can be duplicated.

        Their location and policies are a bit strange. But such is life.

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          Chris does open for lunch, and opened another place, all in one fell swoop. It's called Pane Bianco, and is on Central just north of Indian School. Chris is very, very passionate about the craft, to the point that he has a hand in making every single pizza that goes out of his oven. Since he can't be in two places at once, he won't be opening another restaurant any time soon.

          You want strange policies? You should have seen the now-closed (and dearly, dearly missed) Shinbay in Chandler! The guy who ran the place was incredible. There were only 14 seats at the sushi bar, but he would serve no more than six people at one time unless everyone was eating the same thing. If there's a party of four and a party of two already eating and you show up, you'll just have to wait until one of the other two parties leaves. It was some of the best food I have had anywhere. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Shin-san?

        2. I hate waiting, but if you show up at opening and score one of the first tables it's worth it.

          The Wiseguy is a fantastic pizza.

          After reading many articles about Chris Bianco, he seems to be a guy who doesn't even buy into all the hype placed upon him. He goes in to work every day, makes each and every pizza that gets served, and takes care of his employees. I like that in a business owner.


          p.s. let's stick to the food and not comment on people personally..unless of course you're talking about stephen lemmons MMMWWWWAAAAAA!!!

          1. Folks, everyone here is a food expert. We want to hear your expert opinions on Bianco's pizza on this Southwest board.

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            Thanks for keeping us focused on the food.