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Jun 29, 2006 08:28 PM

Downtown Fish Taco Shop - San Diego

I'm not experienced in terms of Fish tacos, but there's a place here that's pretty good and cheap for downtown standards. So student interns/fellow cheapos, there's a place at 4th and C. 4 bucks gives you a fish taco with 3 pieces of fish, enough to hold in two hands, pretty well seasoned fries, and cold slaw.

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  1. $4 for one fish taco? Dude, you got ripped off. Find a car, take the bus, but make your way to El Zarape at the end of Park Blvd. right before Adams Ave. $.99 will get you the best fish taco in San Diego.

    1. Great ones in Encinitas at Juanita's Taco Shop Tepatitlan - $1.85
      Excellent chile rellenos too!

      1. yeh can't really run off during lunch time. This is more for the hoofers who need a quick bite and can only do it in dt. DT joints tends to be expensive, but this is pretty big and filling for what you can get around here.

        1. Go to 4th and F/G maybe and get a cheese sandwich at the Cheese Sandwich Shop...pick your own bread and cheese..

          or even inside Horton Plaza those places ahve something on lunch special.....

          Jeez, I'd be making my own lunches if I had to shell out $25 or more a week for a cheap lunch....

          1. I think these people are talking about getting a single fish taco by itself. I know El Zarape doesn't serve three pieces of fish with two side dishes for four bucks. Actually, four bucks is cheap for lunch downtown. Another decent place is the greek joint at the top of Horton Plaza in the food court. There's also Pokez, a Mexican place a little east of downtown, and Sushi Deli 2, in the Spreckels building in front of Horton Plaza. It's not the best sushi you'll ever have, but it's decent for the price. The Cheese Shop is also really good. I go to the one at LJ Shores as often as possible.