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Jun 29, 2006 08:25 PM

Urasawa Virgin

Ok. I've been reading the boards for a while now, and I've heard everyone rave about urasawa. I'm a big fan of sushi and will try just about anything (and pay a lot of money if it's worth it). Is Urasawa really worth it? How much will it cost to go?

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  1. I've never been there, but I love this guy's website because he takes GREAT pictures of the places he visits. Here's a link to his dinner at Urasawa:

    Hopefully that link will work! I don't know where else to put them on this new board.

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      Is Perceptor on the new site yet? Does he have the same name? I don't want to miss any of his photo-reviews.

    2. Is it worth it? That's really hard to say.

      When I was there about a year and a half ago, I really enjoyed it. It was over 700 for the two of us.

      Was it worth it? For me, while I enjoyed the food and the experience, I'm not sure I would go back. The experience was interesting and the food top-notch, but it wasn't so special that it knocked my socks off.

      I think if you are a fan of Japanese food, Urasawa is probably one of those places you should visit at least once, but is it "must"? Not in my opinion, no.

      That being said, if I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd probably dine at Urasawa every month ...

      Cheers and happy dining.

      1. Best meal of my life, and very worth it!
        We had about 30 plates and we basically had to beg Hiro-san to stop serving us. Urasawa is special, nowhere else in the Americas are you going to have this caliber of food served to you by the chef himself. Maybe in NY, Masa would serve you, but that's a maybe.

        $250 per person, not including drinks, tax, tip.

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          I would like to add, Hiro-san is a very cool guy. He's down to earth, enjoys conversation and has a great sense of humor no matter who you are. Masa on the other hand I hear is kind of "crusty" and that's putting it lightly.

        2. Agree with Pablo. Every meal we've had there has been so far over the top that it's difficult to put into words. Simply describing the menu doesn't do the experience justice. 35-45 courses, with some common threads that show up each time and other things that we've seen once and then yearned for the next time. I'd offer two tips: First, make your reservation for 6:00 pm. That way you can take your time. Second, if you are fond of a particular item (mine is awabi) mention it when you make your reservation and Urasawa-san will accomodate you.

          1. Pretty damn fantastic. I think it's worth it if you put yourself in the frame of mind that it's the whole experience - eating superpremium, rare, or hard to import ingredients, some very traditional preparations, some very novel preparations, and with personal attention from a very talented chef. So you're paying a premium for that kind of treatment. If you start thinking about how many meals you could get at another sushi place, you're not as likely to enjoy it, IMHO.