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Jun 29, 2006 08:20 PM

Need Late Night Restaurant at Wynn

We're staying at Wynn but won't be able to eat until around 9:30 or 10:00, so Alex is out. What's good that won't take so long and isn't quite as pricey?

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  1. Fine dining is probably out, although I had written down that Okada (great sushi, very good non-sushi) is open until 11:30pm on Friday and Saturday. I'm not sure about Red 8, although it hardly qualifies as fine dining. Other than that, there's Zoozacrackers (a modest deli) and the 24 hour cafe.

    If you want to leave the hotel, FIX at Bellagio is open late. It's a trendy restaurant with surprisingly good American comfort food.

    1. Maybe DB Brasserie? Not sure of the hours, check the hotel website. Have enjoyed the food there although it's been close to a year since our last visit.

      My mom ate at Okada and she liked it, but I haven't eaten there so can't personally vouch, and mom isn't that much of a chowhound. Again, not sure of the hours.

      We liked Bartolotta, again not sure of the hours, price is less than Alex but still expensive.

      One place I cannot recommend is the cafe/coffee shop. Been twice for lunch, both times had the most incredibly crappy service. Sloooooow. Food average, check high, irritation factor higher. Talked to management the second time and they couldn't have cared less. Only will return as a last resort.

      1. Wing Lei is an EXCELLENT Chinese restaurant and very elegant. Expensive for chinese but nowhere near Alex expensive. DB is an ok alternative but far too uneven. If you consider DB, they do have seating in the lounge and serve a full menu in there. I have been to both and hands down would go to Wing Lei. Look @ Tableau also. Their crab bisque is...WOW!!!

        1. LVI,

          What region(s) does Wing Lei feature?

          1. Sorry Dave for the late post. The new format throwing me off a bit. I am not sure you could classify as Canton/Szechuan/Shanghai or anything else. Given the variety of Chinese food that the "masses" like to consume and given that the Wynn is interested more in feeding a wide variety of people I think they have done a decent job @ Wing Lei creating melange, if you will, of Chinese cuisine. I have been twice and enjoyed it both time although I will say that when we have the Peking duck dinner we were more impressed than the time we did the tasting. There were 1 or 2 of the 6 or 7 courses (was a while back so I don't remember exactly how many) that seemed a little bland. Not bad by any means but a little bland. To their credit I will say that it seemed like all the ingredients used were of the best and freshest quality.