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Jun 29, 2006 07:58 PM

everyday lunch options near columbia

i'm going to be starting a summer course at columbia. are there any good and cheap places up there for lunch? i would love to hear of any good chinese or japanese places especially, but any cuisine (as long as it's decently cheap and appropriate for a quick lunch) will be fine. thanks!

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  1. My favorites are

    Amir's Falafel - 2911 Broadway. (falafel. very cheap.)

    Hamilton Deli - um, Amsterdam Ave ca. 116th. (takeout heros, burgers - get an "email burger" with guacamole, mmm.)

    Deluxe - 2896 Broadway (at 113th) (less cheap & fast, but pretty nice diner food)

    For Asian food there is Ollies at 116 & Bwy, inexpensive but quality varies wildly, Caffe Swish next door, a little pricier and IMO even less good, quality-wise. Tomoe is decent sushi down the way on Broadway, not cheap.

    Lots of options along broadway, as you'll see, though nothing that will really thrill you.

    1. Not to be a downer, but I'd just grab a bagel from Absolute Bagels (Bway b/w 106 & 107 if I recall correctly). The food around our school is horrible, IMO.

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        agreed...i've taken some classes there, and yes, the food nearby is pretty awful...i'd pack a bag lunch and sit out on the nice quad or on the old library steps and people watch...

        the salade nicoise at Le Monde is passable...or, if you want to walk a bit, there is some very tasty takeout tabouli, hummus, and Middle Eastern chicken at a place on Broadway near 124th (west side -- not sure the name of the place)...or get jumbo slice of Koronet pizza w/ anchovies...

        Beyond those, i've had only bad meals in the area...

      2. You can walk a bit up to Toast (Bwy&125-126) for decent burgers and sandwiches or down Amsterdam Ave. to Taqueria Y Fonda @109 (I think) for cheap filling mexican food.

        1. Tomo for lunch specials (110 and broadway- east side of broadway) is not bad. sushi is OK. staff is friendly. I woudl have to agree though, the food up there sucks. I just finished graduate work at columbia and moved 30 blocks south. its like a whole new world. if you're up for a walk- 90th and amsterdam is Saigon Grill- Vietnamese with Sushi at night. Delicious, fast and cheap.

          1. Go to Café Fresh on Amsterdam and 121st.
            Other options: Symposium (113th), Koronet (B'way and 110th) Ollie's (B'way and 116th), Panino Sportivo (Amst. and 120th).