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Jun 29, 2006 07:44 PM

Russian in Northeast Philly

I am thinking about organizing a Dangerous Dining Club dinner and thought a Russian restaurant might be interesting. Are there any places in the Northeast that would be good candidates? I would try them out first before organizing a larger dinner and would appreciate any pointers on where to try.

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  1. My neighbor is Russian and has always recommended Golden Gates. I have not been there myself, but here is an article:

    I would love to go to your dinner. Please keep us updated!

    1. The Bride & I had a hilarious time at Kleopatra some number of years ago (1999 or 2000). I'm not sure if they are still in business, as there was a drug ring running out of there. It was Bring Your Own Vodka, and of course there was a cabaret nightclub type show. I remember the food being decent but overall it was the entire environment & experience that was amusing.

      1. if you organize a dinner, we'd love to be included.

        1. I don't even know if this place is still open, but there is a listing for the Black Sea Cafe listed at 13032 Bustleton Ave. I live in Jersey, so not close enough to run over and see if they're still open. I don't know if I'm allowed to post a phone number, but I did call it just now, and the only word I could make out when he answered was "Shalom". (Shame on me, since both sets of grandparents were born in Russia!)

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            Black Sea has recently undergone an extensive changes. New management, new chefs, an expansion, beautiful renovations, and a name change; Lanjerone (a popular beach resort on the Black Sea)

            Lanjerone is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Absolutely delicous dishes, mostly russian but some with clear asian and french influences.

            The interior is gorgeous and perfect for a small wedding or similar affairs.... The Northeast Philadelphia russian restaurant scene has nothing that can compare to this new establishment.

            1. re: mmandale

              Do you have an adress or phone number for Lanjerone

              1. re: Mharvey24

                13032 Bustleton Avenue
                Philadelphia, PA 19116
                Tel.: 215-6714088


          2. I would love to do this with a group! I also hear golden gate is good. I once went to a Russian restaurant on Bustleton Ave., way up, and it was nice but bare bones decor. I don't know if I found out the English name of it. Not golden gate, though. Saturday lunch place.