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Jun 29, 2006 07:35 PM

Anything New in Murray Hill?

My husband has an interview near my office tomorrow late in the day, I'm on East 38th & Madison, he'll be in the Empire State Building.

We're having an early dinner with my boss and his wife (who are friends as well) but we need to keep it close to our office because said friendly boss wants to head back up here to finish up some pressing work before the long, holiday weekend.

We'd bored to tears with the usual (Madison Bistro, Salute, Barbes, Frere Jacques, Evergreen, etc.). We're trying to keep it within a radius of only a few blocks at most.

Most likely, we've been just about everywhere especially since he lives in the neighborhood, and I used to. Unless there is someplace new that has recently opened which we're unaware of? Or a "sleeper" restaurant which we may be forgetting? All of us are adventurous eaters, so just about anything goes.



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  1. Not new by any means but what about Artisinal- it's not that far away and the food is great.

    1. These aren't new either, but what about Keen's, Sakagura, Abuirya Kinnosuke? Or hop on the 6 and go to Park Bistro or Les Halles, right at the entrance on 28th--so equivalent of a few blocks, as I count it.

      1. Give PS 450 a shot on Park and 30th or even Wolfgang's on Park and 34th.

        1. Artisinal would have been a good choice, but the boss ate there last week. I haven't been in a while and my husband never, maybe I can talk him into it again. It's one of my favorites.

          Park Bisto is a good idea, and we all haven't been to Les Halles in ages. Thanks for both of those.

          I never heard of PS450 or Wolfgang's for that matter. Could you clue me in on both of those? Thanks!


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            I only know of PS450 as a loud bar packed w/annoying frat-types. I doubt the food could be any good.

          2. Oh wait, Wolfgang's is the steakhouse, right? Didn't it get sort of mixed reviews? Maybe I'd go w/Keens over that.

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            1. re: sivyaleah

              If you want good steak, Wolfgang's is not the place. Its a poor imitation of Luger's but for some reason still gets really crowded, so I'm not even sure you could get a reservation, not that they really honor it anyway.

              I'd recommend Park Bistro for french bistro, Keens for steak or Wu Liang Ye for Sichuan Chinese food.