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Jun 29, 2006 07:33 PM

Japanese charcoal place on Westwood

I drove past this place yesterday. Is it any good? Forgot the name... sorry. It's close to La Grange.

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  1. on westwood? are you sure it's a charcoal place?

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    1. re: rameniac

      yes, it is across from the canary chicken place. I've wondered about it as well.

    2. If you're talking about Wakasan, 1929 Westwood, I haven't been yet but it has been reviewed around here a little bit--apparently it's sort of an Izakaya with an assorted omakase-only menu. It's actually quite high on my want-to-try-soon list but circumstances have conspired to keep me away, so far.

      Recent review:


      1. ironically, went there tonite actually. had a feeling you meant wakasan but wasn't sure, and i didn't want to mention it since it was a surprise for someone's birthday (and she's a 'hound too hehe). never noticed the 'japanese charcoal dining' blurb above the hiragana sign until tonight, as we were getting rose and saffron ice cream (mmmmmmm) from rose market across the street. i'll post a review with pictures shortly!

        1. this place is super cute, the food is quite good and it is quite reasonably priced (about 30 something a person i believe). typical japanese attention to detail.
          nice presentation, good selection and balance.