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Jun 29, 2006 07:21 PM

Seafood Restaraunt for Dad's Birthday!

Can anyone please recommended a nice seafood restaraunt in Toronto? I'm planning to take my family out for my dad's birthday. Nothing too expensive or fancy as we all like good-tasting & simple dishes. My dad has never been one for exotic dishes and spices so I don't expect him to change after 59 years. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Toronto or nearby preferred.

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  1. Starfish on Adelaide!! Patrick is especially nice, but most importantly they serve delicious, extremely fresh seafood. Also, great atmostphere.

    1. I second Starfish. Was there a couple of weeks ago and the food and service was fabulous. I recommend the oysters, Patrick has a good variety to choose from. Definitely make reservations if you plan on going.

      1. I would consider Starfish on the expensive side but not fancy. Generally, in Toronto, a good seafood restaurant will be somewhat pricy.

        Close to the same price range as Starfish (although I think still a bit cheaper) is Lure. It's located at Avenue Road and Davenport and has received excellent reviews, although I've never been there.

        You might want to try C-Food at Yonge and Eglinton. It is a bit more casual than Lure. Their focus is on simply prepared dishes (you can pick the way your fish is cooked - grilled/baked/battered) and the menu changes daily based on whatever is freshest.

        Alice Fazooli's and Rodney's Oyster Bar can be less expensive but they are part of chains so might not be what you're looking for for a birthday dinner. However, they do specialize in seafood and have a fun atmosphere, which is really what's important for a birthday.

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          Rodney's is not a chain as far as I know.

        2. I have been here once and it was quite good...nice restaurant not too stuffy ....nice and casual and the prices are quite good. I'm not sure if you are looking for something in the downtown area, this resto is around the hwy 7 and kennedy area in markham. They also have live music during the weekends which we found very kool. I had the lobster, you can have it steamed or broiled, 1 1/2lbs for $20 bucks.

          Heres the website

          1. Would you perhaps consider Portuguese-style seafood? It's generally not spicy, but it can be tomato-y. Both Adega and Cataplana are well-priced Portuguese seafood restaurants. Your father can be "adventurous" and try Portuguese seafood stews, or he can go the traditional route, which will afford him a nicely grilled seasonal fish served with salad, potatoes, and whatnot. Adega is more upscale than Cataplana (and also more expensive), but either one of them may fit your criteria.