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Jun 29, 2006 07:17 PM

Taylor's Steak House

what not to miss
what to pass on

ps going to the one near Korea Town

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  1. love their london broil. Never had a bad piece of meat there [as long as its medium rare!]

    1. The Molly Salad is terrific, if you like tomatoes, onions and blue cheese. You have to pay a little extra to get it, rather than the salad that is included in the meal, but it iswell worth it. I love the filet, myself, but all the cuts are good. It's just a very fun place with a lot of character. Be sure to ask for a booth downstairs (If you are more than 4 people, you will probably have to be at a table)

      1. People in my office love Taylors for group lunches. It feels like walking into the 1950's [they opened in 1953]. Very dark, booths... The London Broil is good - medium rare for me!

        Enough choices on the menu for most to find something they like. Reservations are a good idea if you have a group over 5 I think. The menu is on their web site below.

        DOWNTOWN L.A.
        3361 West 8th St.,
        Los Angeles, CA 90005
        (213) 382-8449

        LA CANADA
        901 Foothill Blvd.,
        La Canada, CA 91011
        (818) 790-7668

        1. They have a pretty good ribeye...not prime aged, mind you, but tasty.
          Also - the martinis are great and agree with the above...if you love old-time 50's style joints (and I do) you'll have a great time at Taylor's

          1. I've always been happy with the culotte, NY or london broil.