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Taylor's Steak House

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what not to miss
what to pass on

ps going to the one near Korea Town

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  1. love their london broil. Never had a bad piece of meat there [as long as its medium rare!]

    1. The Molly Salad is terrific, if you like tomatoes, onions and blue cheese. You have to pay a little extra to get it, rather than the salad that is included in the meal, but it iswell worth it. I love the filet, myself, but all the cuts are good. It's just a very fun place with a lot of character. Be sure to ask for a booth downstairs (If you are more than 4 people, you will probably have to be at a table)

      1. People in my office love Taylors for group lunches. It feels like walking into the 1950's [they opened in 1953]. Very dark, booths... The London Broil is good - medium rare for me!

        Enough choices on the menu for most to find something they like. Reservations are a good idea if you have a group over 5 I think. The menu is on their web site below.


        DOWNTOWN L.A.
        3361 West 8th St.,
        Los Angeles, CA 90005
        (213) 382-8449

        LA CANADA
        901 Foothill Blvd.,
        La Canada, CA 91011
        (818) 790-7668

        1. They have a pretty good ribeye...not prime aged, mind you, but tasty.
          Also - the martinis are great and agree with the above...if you love old-time 50's style joints (and I do) you'll have a great time at Taylor's

          1. I've always been happy with the culotte, NY or london broil.

            1. For the money, it just doesn't get better than Taylor's...MUCHO "bang for your buck"!

              1. I really like their skirt steak when they have it. I can't remember what nights they have it. I really like their charbroiled shrimp too. Make sure you leave room for their cheesecake. It is yummy!

                1. Not on there menu are the bone in's. Ask what they have available that night. They don't put them on their menu because it depends on availability. I've had the Bone in Ribeye and for the money, out of this world. They have the bone in NY and occationally the filet. Enjoy