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Jun 29, 2006 07:11 PM

Mexican Birthday in Fruitvale

My mom's birthday is today and I wanted to take her to the fruitvale for some great mexican. I know decor is not always the best but we are basically looking for authentic mexican, mariachi's and margaritas. The three M's! I was thinking of going to Guadalajara but have never eaten there. I like otaez but just read a disturbing post about the new alameda location diminishing the potential. My other option is Tijauana's, not sure if they have margarita's or mariachi's at night. I also was reading about El Huarache Azteca (Sp?) but it sounded like you had to be careful what you ordered. Any advice is helpful even if it's after the date so I know for future reference.
Thanks for the help,

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  1. El Huarache Azteca's great and the decor is fun. The things to order are the fresh masa items (sopes, gorditas, quesadillas, huaraches), and when they've got it (maybe weekends only) barbecued lamb / mutton. Other items are hit and miss.

    1. I know I've read some off things on Otaez in Alameda, but we've never been disappointed there at breakfast or lunch. Love the homemade chips and the homemade tortillas both corn and flour. The pozole on Firday is excellent and liked the carnitas on Saturday. I think it's far better than Guadalajara and I have to drive 3 times as far to get to Otaez.

      1. I don't remember ever seeing Mariachis at El Huarache Azteca or the International Otaez. I have seen them at Guadalajara, but I agree the food isn't very good there. I'm not sure either Otaez or El Huarache Azteca has Margaritas, either -- I don't think they have a hard liquor licence, just wine and beer.

        I've had some good meals and some okay meals at Otaez in Alameda -- it seems to be a little inconsistent, almost as if each different kitchen shift does things its own way. It's definitely your best bet for a combination of food, atmosphere and Margaritas, though.

        1. I used to be a loyal Otaez patron but it has recently gone down hill. They DO have margaritas now as they have a full bar. But it really isn't great.

          El Huarache Azteca is good - I highly suggest anything with the Tinga de Pollo . .. you can have it on a sope or tostada and it is truly one of my favorite things. The masa items stand out - I really like their gorditas as well. They only have beer and I don't think I've seen any mariachis there.

          Guadalajara is no bueno.