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Jun 29, 2006 07:01 PM

Best Halal Cart?

On the way to a film at MoMA yesterday, a friend introduced me to the halal rice-chicken-veg carts around 53rd and 5th Ave. She was distressed that she couldn't find "the" cart, which is distinguished, she claimed, by its long lines and excellent food. The food we ate (from another cart in the area) was very good nonetheless. (And cheap! $5 for more chicken, yellow rice, onions and peppers, and salad than you can finish.) Are there any favorites, in this area of Manhattan or any other?

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  1. Way downtown I recently tried Nosher's suggestion-- Halal cart at Southeast corner of Maiden Lane and Front St. Ordered "chicken and spicy rice, white sauce, hot sauce, extra falafel" $4.50. Came back the next day, took out 2 orders!

    1. Maybe she couldn't find it because "the" cart is at 53rd and 6th Ave (southwest corner), not 5th.

      Here's their website:

      I used to think it was the greatest thing in the world that a halal cart had a website. Then I found out they have a wikipedia entry:

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        And just to mention, I believe "the cart" only serves dinner. I think from 7pm on.

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          I've been doing this for years. Halal at night, usually between 10pm and 2am. These guys are nightowls who cater mostly to cabbies, and to people like me who love decent inexpensive eats. Their hours are usually 7:30PM - 4AM. I pick up my food, and then walk over to the UBS building, formerly Paine Webber, and eat at the tables outdoors there. Chowin' down in Midtown in the wee hours.

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            yeah, I used to work at paul weiss (same building) and it was streetmeat central. and despite the hype, I really found that Sammy's Halal in Jackson Heights is truly transcendent, and I think he has a total of 4 carts (one in the village, one somewhere in LIC, one in jackson heights and maybe in midtown west?) I'll try to find out.

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              I like the Sammy's on E 4th (nr. Broadway). The one in LIC is actually in Astoria on 30th Ave a block or two west of Steinway.

        2. There are halal carts all over midtown - One has to determine what variation of the halal meat do you like. Most do a take on south Asian food i.e chicken in "masala curry" and some kind of basmati rice.
          Some have middle-eastern take on the food - Of which I know of one outside John Jay College (9th Ave corner of 58th)

          1. I have to give a shout out to the Halal cart on 28th and Madison. Their chicken and rice platter is a great deal at $4 (no drink) and their chicken and/or lamb sandwiches ($3) are pretty awesome for the price. And even if they charged more(as rival carts in the area do), I would still frequent this one. Why? They get the spices for the meat just right. The carts in the Flatiron area can't compete with these guys.

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              I'll second this. I work down the street from the these guys, and I love their chicken with basmati - it's delicious, and the portions are huge. (I wouldn't recommend the falafel, however.)

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                Day cart or night cart? (28th & Mad)


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                  Never tried the night cart, only the day. Great stuff.

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                    These are day guys; they're in a large truck, on Madison at the corner of 28th. Used to be around 5:00 pm or so the truck would pull away, and a regular-size cart would take its place just around the corner, on 28th at the corner of Madison. I don't know if the night cart was run by the same guys, but it's moot, because I haven't seen them for about two months.

              2. 49th and 6th is very good too