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Jun 29, 2006 06:57 PM

going to venice and florence for honeymoon

going to venice and florence for our honeymoon and looking for all types of dining experiences....any suggestions?

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  1. There are loads of posts on both so do a search to get tons of recommendations. Some personal favorites:

    Florence: Taverna del Bronzino for a very special meal (closed Sundays). Trattoria Marione for crowded, inexpensive but delicious meal, especially pasta (best pasta with meat sauce I’ve ever had). Also Nerone at the Mercato Centrale for cheap and delicious. Coffees at the stand-up bar in the Mercato Centrale are the cheapest we found in town.

    Venice: Osteria Giorgione (Canneregio, calle dei Proverbi) a very small, simple establishment with excellent food, especially bronzino (Mediterranean sea bass). Harry S Dolci, across in Giudecca for amazing cannelloni. Vini da Gigio (Canneregio, near Ca’ D’Oro). Ai Gondolieri (behind the Peggy Guggenheim) an elegant establishment serving amazing meat dishes (unusual for Venice). Reservations recommended for all of these, and none is cheap.

    Also in Venice, you can get great picnic stuff at the Casa del Parmigiano (which is in a little campo between the Rialto Bridge and the Pescharia or fish market that my map identifies as Campo di Corderia, but which has a sign that says Campo Cesare Battisti) and at the fruit and veggie stall in the same campo. The staff at both places are very patient with limited Italian accompnaied by smiles.

    Have a great trip and please post a report when you return – it adds greatly to the general knowledge!

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        Branzino is indeed sea bass, but I believe that the Taverna in question is named for the Florentine painter named Bronzino.

      2. Antica Trattoria Sanesi in Lastra a Signa outside Florence, best beefsteak Florentine to be had.

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          I have never been to Sanesi but an Italian friend who lives in Liguria swears by the place.

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            We were staying within walking distance and were given the card for it when we asked about getting something to eat. The staff was wonderfully helpful and the meal truly grand.

        2. I agree with Gretchen S. on Taverna del Bronzino in Florence. It was my family's favorite meal during our recent visit, also, by far, the most expensive. Although reservations were recommended, I saw only 3 other parties there while we were there. The waiter was extremely helpful, we speak no Italian and he patiently described nearly everything on the menu. Additionally, since we couldn't decide on an appetizer (antipasti), the waiter said they could fix us a "sample" plate of antipasti which was definitely the way to go- 5 items, everything was delicious.

          I found Sandra Gustafson's book "Great Eats Italy" to be very helpful, you may want to take a look.

          1. Just returned from Venice and Florence last Sunday. Had some excellent meals in both places.

            Venice: highly recommend Da Remigio for seafood. slightly east of San Marco in Castello. Try the grilled razor clams if they have them. Family run establishment, very gracious and hospitable, make reservations. Also had my birthday dinner at Alle Testiere (Castello)which many here have raved about but found it quite a bit of a disappointment versus the hype. Significant other and I had a romantic lunch at Harry's Dolci on Guidecca and pretty much had the place to ourselves with a corner table on the water. Great service, spectacular view of Dorsoduro, acceptable food, pricey. Have a Bellini!

            Florence: Must visit Mercato Centrale if you're a foodie. All manner of stalls selling delectables dirt cheap. Check out the raw tripe right next to the cooked meats--you'll never see that in our sterile stores. Nearby are Trattoria ZaZa and Trattoria Mario, both a bit touristy but with great food at very fair prices. My brother ate three times in 24 hours at ZaZa, pigging out on the pappardelle with cinghiale (wild boar sauce) each time! Mario only opens for lunch. Have a bistecca fiorentina at ZaZa. Mercato-Medici Chapels-lunch at one of the above makes for a great morning excursion. If you visit Basilica San Croce, look Trattoria Anita, a small place catering to local folks. We had a three course lunch for six euros per head...unbelievably good at that price or three times as much. Also save room for dessert at Gelateria Neri (Via Neri) nearby for the best gelato in the city that invented it.

            Congratulations, and enjoy your honeymoon.

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              thank you for the suggestions all...we will definitely post upon our return

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                We were recently in Florence/Tuscany for our honeymoon. My favorite spots in Florence were:


                -Aqua Al Due (40 Via della Vigna Vecchia): try the 5 pasta sampler for 2 and the blueberry steak...oh my!

                -Cafe Mario (2 Via Rosina): open for lunch only, try whatever is recommended

                -Il Continoni (sp?) (6 P. Santo Spirito): across the river, seafood risotto rocks, as does everything else we had.

                p.s. I must disagree with ZaZa - we were disappointed with that place.


                Vivoli Gelataria (1 via Isola della Stinche): the best Gelato in the world!!!

                Have fun!!!