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Jun 29, 2006 06:49 PM

vacation at last...

We are heading out of Boston for the fourth of july week. There's a great little B&B that we are staying at on Plum Island. (can you believe it???) We love Plum Island Grill. But are wondering if there any other places to get reeeeeaaaaallly good fresh seafood/mussels/oysters in Newburyport. A great wine list would help too. TIA!

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  1. Striper's across the Route 1 bridge in Salisbury and Michael's Harborside on Merrimack are both decent - (I like Michael's better than Striper's). Both on are the water; opposite sides of the river. Michael's is fun if you get a deck seat. And they have a pretty damn good Lobster Roll!

    David's Tavern in Brown Square is pretty good; we had two company holiday parties there while our company was still in Newburyport. AND they've got a decent raw bar downstairs.

    I've never been to Glenn's on Merrimack, but I think someone posted awhile back that you get very expensive portions and snooty and disinterested service.

    You might be better off getting steamers, etc. from Bob Lobster on the Island.

    Mad Martha's on the Island ( is an absolute MUST for breakfast. You will wait on line, but it's worth it! They also serve dinner at night; usually only 3 entrees, and suggest reservations. It's also BYOB. I've not had dinner there, but several friends and coworkers have, and they always have said excellent service; and very creative dinners.

    1. michaels, davids, glenns, bobs, so many men to chose from... but linda, you may have nailed exactly what i was looking for. the infamous bob lobster. why didn't i think of that? if they do take out, hell, get that bottle of wine not at restaurant prices, and nosh on lobster and corn on the cob while observing a beautiful sunset in the confines of my own private patio.

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        ROFL! I hadn't noticed all the "men's names" in the list I gave you.

        And glad I remember Bob Lobster. I haven't eaten there, but my stepbrother lives nearby, as well as several coworkers, and say it's always excellent - enjoy the classic New England meal on your private patio! (I *REALLY* hope the sun comes out this weekend!)

      2. I have to second Bob Lobster. Takeout is fast and hot, but don't travel far 'cause stuff gets soggy.

        This will probably offend somebody, but I LOVED the fried scallops at Bob Lobster. tender, moist and flavorful... now I'm regretting moving away.

        The other place in newburyport that meets none of your criteria, but that I remember fondly is called Bottega Tuscana on state street. Great fresh pastas and sauce in a no-stress, casual setting. Have limited beer and wine.

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          Bottega is good - just don't get pasta that's been sitting in the trays waiting to be spooned up (i.e., lasagna). The pasta gets all soft and gushy.

          Filled raviolis are good, and I love the choices of sauces you get to choose from.

        2. we will only be about a five minute drive from bob lobster. no worries about sogginess. i went to the link that linda posted, and the lobster dinner is right up my alley. perfect!!! The SO is from rome, so the Bottega Toscana will be on our short list of places to go other than seafood. we can never turn down pasta...

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            I'd be curious to know: which Italian places in Greater Boston are among your Roman SO's favorites?

          2. We're back! All tan and relaxed. Just a little update on Plum Island Grill. What happened? I suppose that the chef leaving a few weeks back doesn't help. I suppose that it being the first weekend of the 4th of July week doesn't help. We had an 8:30 reservation on Saturday night. (I hate going out for dinner on Saturday nights, but given our time frame...) The table was waiting for us when we arrived. It was the tiny little table next to the curtain upon entering the dining room. The ceiling fans never made it to us, so the Roman complained about how hot it was. Then he got cranky. Quick thinking, I ordered him a coconut key lime martini. That helped, but the problem besides the room temperature (and those pesky little mosquitos biting his legs) was the wait. It took a very long time to even order anything. The restaurant was running at full capacity, and the server had picked up an extra table because of a newbie on board. For apps, we ordered the lobster martini - pieces of lobster on top of a avocado salad inside of a martini glass. Decent and certainly better than the Roman's crab cakes. Why can't restaurants ever get this dish right? The cakes were about the size of a fat quarter. The three were downed so fast that I had not even reached midpoint of my appetizer. Such a small portion.
            Entrees - the Roman had a perfectly done cilantro crusted tuna over soba noodles. This was the 'highlight' of all the dishes because my overgrilled swordfish (chipotle lime aoili and pineapple black bean salsa were my chosen sauces) came with room temperature boring mashed potato. We only ate half and decided to save everything for dessert, if the server or anyone for that matter came to the table. No server. We flagged someone down to put in an order for keylime pie to go. (THAT WAS FANTASTIC!) Our bill came to $156.00 before tip. Two martinis, two apps, two entres, two dessert, and a bottle of wine. Walked away feeling that it was money not really well spent.

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              Ouch. Sorry to hear The PIG <g> wasn't up to snuff. I've heard so much good about it - perhaps the other chef leaving was a contributory factor.

              But even more important - how was that Bob Lobster lobster? :-)

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                I love PIG regardless of what happened that night. I think that it was one of those times where there were too many contributing factors. I am still going back. :)
                We were looking forward to Bob Lobster. We even got a takeout menu earlier in the day to decide what we wanted while we have a cocktail over at MICHAEL'S! The patio was jamming, literally. A band was playing and there was a cover charge so we opted to stay inside.
                We ordered twin lobsters, which came with cole slaw, and ff. The Roman wanted to try CRAB CAKES again, and I wanted to give the fried scallops a whirl upon tdaa's recommendation. (they were out. sniff. sniff) The food was made promptly and whisked back to the Inn, in hopes of no sogginess. Again, why were we disappointed? We somehow got 4 lobsters, when we ordered 2. That's a plus, but those damn crabcakes were cold and unappealing. Can't anyone make a good crabcake? Because they were out of the scallops we ended up with fried shrimp. Guess what? s.o.g.g.y. The french fries from yesterday's excursion to Dairy Joy were better than these. The lobster was perfect though.
                We found the best meals to be the ones we made ourselves. That would be truffled cheese from Salumeria in the North End and wine from Martignetti.

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                  My husband and I lopve Plum Island too- but we have only been there for day trips. If you don't mind birdy30 would you mind sharing info about the B&B you stayed at and would you recommend it?

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                    Good morning prernasood! My computer was down for the last few days, so I apologize for the delay. This is not about food so I will keep in brief, unless you want to head over to another place to write. But where? Let me know so I can fill you in with more details. The place on Plum Island is called "Blue - the Inn on the Beach". Just opened up this March. Absolutely incredible!