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Jun 29, 2006 06:48 PM

Chow 'Round CineArts in West Portal?

Anything good in the area? Me and my significant bother are there tonight..


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  1. I like El Toreodor. It's a fun little Mexican place. If you are prone to sensory overload, beware. It's like a giant pinata exploded inside. Also the wait can be long on Friday and Saturday nights, so be prepared to wait outside or at the bar next door for up to an hour. Not good for large parties though. I think their tables can accomodate 6 max.

    1. I like El Toreador too. I also like Fresca and Bursa Kebab.

      1. Xiao Loong has good Chinese, in a nice setting. Second Fresca.

        1. I'll second El Toreador, and yes, it does look like a pinata exploded. Bursa Kebab is a uniqe and interesting experience and I really enjoyed it. The Cafe For All Seasons is nice too. Can be a bit of a retirement/family scene but consistently good salads and sandwiches/burgers

          1. El Toreador has good food, but I always end up with heartburn after a meal there. Maybe it's because I eat too much of the very hot and spicy salad w/ the chips....

            By far, my 2 favorites at West Portal are Bursa and Roti (Indian).