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Jun 29, 2006 06:30 PM

Melvin B's

Is this place any good?

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  1. Any good for what?

    Is it a great place to stop for a cold beer? Yes.

    Is it a great place to people watch? Yes.

    If the food good? Not bad for a snack or lunch but I wouldn't call it gormet! Burgers are good and thay make their own chips.

    Can you readily get a seat on a weekend evening? Not really, the crowds are great and the place is a lot of fun!

    Hope this helps. If you decide not to try Melvin B's, you will be missing a Chicago summer tradition. And while you are there, try Cactus - it's right next to Melvin B's.

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      Its "Chowhound" so the question is about food. I worked at Melvin B's in 1994. Just wanted to see if the food is still good. Apprantly not. Cactus was not a great time, relatively speaking. Thanks.

    2. On occasion a friend will insist on going to Melvin B's and Cactus nextdoor because of the old memories from the single days on the patio scoping out the bounty of attractive ladies. Friendship is give and take so away we go to Melvin B' this place is pathetic. How bad can it be with all the beautiful women to look at? I know this is harsh but the crowd is kind of clubby and seedy. I would definitely skip Melvin B's. Can't say how the food is...never tried it.