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Jun 29, 2006 06:25 PM

Go Veggie & Marina Farms

Hi there...just wanted to share my love of these two places located next door to one another on Centinela/Lucille just North of Jefferson.

Go Veggie has great sandwiches (think scooped avocado, turkey and swiss on wheat bread) as well as hot selections like curry vegatbles and tofu, fresh vegetable soup, broiled chicken and a salad bar offering more than the standard options (e.g., mango, cottage cheese, spicy peanut noodles, etc..) I always indulge in a glass of their fresh squeezed watermelon juice when I good on a hot summer day!

And then next door is Marina Farms- great place to do all your veggie and produce shopping in one place. They offer unique trail mix and candies as well. My favorite new find there is the Cheremoya fruit- it has flavors of pineapple, mango and other tropical fruits...yum!

Stay cool,

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  1. We love this place too! They have great prices on produce as well...So fresh and lots of samples always! :) Also, next time you go, try the date shake at Go Veggie... SOO GOOD! :)


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      yum, date shakes sound delish- I'll definitely try it next time! thanks, ciaobella

    2. I would have to agree, Go Veggie has the best Salad Bar I've seen on the Westside. Plus there non-fat yougurt date shakes are to die for. It is a great place for lunch.

      Next door and owned by the same family is Marina Farms which has a great selection of veggies and other odds and ends. Dommy! bought from them a 5 lb bag of Bob's Red Mill Quick Cook Oats for work and its where I go for a mess of ripe avacados for guac when I don't want to schlep out to Gigante in Inglewood

      Take Care


      1. Dommy! recommended Go Veggie when I had requested Culver City lunch spots a few weeks ago. So far I've only been once and was real happy with the salad bar, everything I tried was delicious. Took a look into Marina Farms but didn't spend time shopping that day, although it looked intriguing. I'm working around Fox Hills and it takes me about 5 minutes to drive over there on the 90.

        1. Marina Farms is the best!!!!!!!!!

          I've been shopping there for over 10 years. They have a great selection of produce that is actually ripe - not a concept the big grocery stores can provide. They also have great prices.

          Great berries, lots of variety in every section. We got some muscat grapes that were really good recently. Bought all the produce for a big party recently and the people help prep said "where did you get tomatoes that ripe??"

          1. They also have nice general groceries---bought some gourmet soup here (white chedder and asparagus) that was fantastic.