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MSP--- Pizza by the Slice? ?

Any ideas for good pizza by the slice...? I live alone, and usualy just don't want to get a whole pie, (even a small one...). Cossetta's is fine, but just not worth the lines and parking hassle to me. Hot City on W 7th is good, but I've been eating it long time and am looking for some other choices. Places in St. Paul would be great for me, but I figured this could be a good topic for the whole area.

Thanks for any ideas...
Uncle Ira

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  1. I don't have any places like that to add, although when I'm in St. Paul alone and want pizza, I get takeout from Punch. Neapolitan's probably not what you were looking for but those are good solo diner-sized pizzas.

    But re: Cossetta's, if you're just getting pizza, you can skip the main line and go right in by the takeout counter, pizzas and registers. Generally, they have someone encouraging that by asking "anyone just getting pizza?". Along those lines, this allows you to score one of their "takeout only" parking spots.

    1. In Uptown, I think your best bet is Galooneys at the corner of 25th and Hennepin.

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        Golooney's was one of my favorites when I was in Minneapolis. One of the reasons for this was that they let you select your toppings when you order by the slice. You're not relegated to somebody else's limited selection, sliced from pies that have been sitting under a heat lamp for who knows how long.

      2. If your in downtown Mpls, I really like Andrea's pizza just outside of Marshall Field's mens shoe dept.

        Just ask them to put in back in the oven for a min for a crispy crust. Otherwise, its a bit wimpy.

        1. Also downtown is Mama's on the skyway level in the US Bank Building the building just south of Marshal Fields. They sell pizza by the slice and the slices are huge.

          The Davanni's chain sells pizza by the slice.

          Several restaurants have personal pizzas that are about 9 inches in diameter. Joey Nova's in Tonka Bay is one of the newest. NBA City in the Target Center serves them. Those are two places I have been to recently. It seems to be quite common in a lot of restaurants.

          1. Fast Freddie's, AKA Bryn Mawr Pizza and Deli, used to have good pizza by the slice, if they are still there, give it a try.

            1. Right in the same neighborhood as Cossetta's and Hot City is Ray's Mediterranean restaurant (1199 W 7th) - I believe they have pizza by the slice there. It's real tasty stuff, their pizza (but do avoid the sausage, which is NOT good). Nice, crispy-bottomed-chewy-centered crust.

              The owner was a partner at Taste of Manhattan on the U of MN campus (if you're familiar with that) and the pizza at Ray's is indistinguishable from the pizza they served there. I am really into the fresh tomato/feta/basil pizza and the eggplant pizza.

              1. My vote for best pizza slice is Soho Cafe at 26th and Hennepin in Minneapolis. Nothing fancy, but the closest I have found to what you find all over new York City.

                1. Check out Pizza Luce - a local "urban pizza" restaurant that specializes in speciality combos. Don't be turned off by the tatooed/pierced employees - the pizza is really good, they have an outdoor dining area (in the Uptown/South Mpls locale) and lots of pizza by the slice. http://www.pizzaluce.com/

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                    Pizza Luce. Ick. The only recommendation for the warehouse district locale is that they have pizza by the slice and it's open really late. Otherwise, Nea is much better and they have perfectly sized mini pizzas. Punch will be opening up soon, too, in the old Bobino's near Nye's on E. Hennepin.

                    And if you like tattooed, pierced pizza employees, the best pizza is Psycho Suzi's on Marshall, just north of Lowry in Nordeast. My fave pizza in town (so far).

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                      What do you have against Luce? It's pretty much a style all its own, but the quality is good and you can put together some unique combinations of toppings.

                      The Punch opened in Nordeast about a month ago. (It's not in the Bobino's spot, but across the patio in the Starlite Lounge spot. Bobino's is supposed to become "Rachel's." No idea when it's opening or what that's about.) Now that I've had the opportunity to taste-test Punch and Nea back to back, it's clear that there's no contest. Nea wins, hands-down. I was surprised, considering the high regard locals have for Punch, but it's clearly inferior ... crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. Not to mention ambience and service (at least in the Nordeast location).

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                        I completely agree with Nea vs. Punch. Nea has crust, Punch has wet glop.

                        My dis on Luce is that everything I've had there is virtually flavorless. What's the point?

                        Maybe it's just me. I never order meat on a pizza.

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                          I think Luce's pizzas are best when you load them up with interesting ingredients. Try roasted corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach. Or shrimp, pesto, and goat cheese. Fun combos.

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                            I have to disagree. I hadn't had Nea since they were in the back of the St. Paul Bagelry, so I tried it the other day.

                            I found Nea's crust to be too chewy, and to have a lot less flavor than found at Punch.

                            Punch does have the "wet glop" at the very center of the pizza (especially if you go Neopolitan style) but I'm not expecting to eat a Neopolitan pizza the same way I'd eat a New York style slice.

                            I also prefer the more even cheese distribution at Punch. The three thin slices of cheese look prettier, but it really wasn't working for me taste-wise.

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                              I'm afraid I agree about Pizza Luce's pizza being virtually flavorless, meat or no meat. The salads, wings and sandwiches are all fine and tasty, but the pizza has proved over and over to be very mediocre.

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                                i like the potato-topped pizza at luce. lately the place has been pretty bla, though.

                      2. Broders, 50th St and Penn in south Mpls, has decent pizza-by-the-slice, though I prefer the sandwiches and salads.

                        1. Lunchtime in St. Paul, try Aroma's in the Lowry Building (inside the building, past the elevators, to the right and down the hallway). Freshly made pizza, not precooked-and-reheated. Not sure what their hours are outside lunch, though.

                          1. When I worked near the airport, I used to go to Fat Lorenzo's (56th and Cedar) twice a month. Now only twice a year. Pizza by the slice and great salads. Parking at 12 noon is iffy.

                            1. I agree that basically every pizza at Luce tastes the same. I think Luce gained notoriety because they were likely the first in the city to popularize non-standard toppings; plus, they cater well to vegetarians and vegans. Plus the tatoos. But to me, the pizza is overrated at this point, I don't feel like it's handled with care, or made proudly. The employess seem not to care on iota, espeically the servers or counter workers. Look elsewhere for interesting crust, sauce, and presentation.

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                                Luce is not great pizza. Honestly, pizza is all about dough and crust, not toppings. Luce crust is lacking; the dough bland.

                              2. On Johnson Ave NE. There is a really good piza and hoagie joint called Snap. They do have pizza by the slice, at least for lunch. Their red sauce is quite good, and they have a large selection of unusal cheeses and toppings. If you want an American style tossed pizza that rocks, go there.

                                1. I'd like to second Andreas. I realize that it's vulgar to pull regional cred cards, but as a former Brooklynite, I think Andreas does a good approximation of a real, solid NYC slice. It's no Grimaldi's (or Santarpio's in East Boston, if you want to really go East Coast on this question), but it's really pretty good.

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                                    it's not vulgar: it helps clarify your opinion. It is sort of a shorthand of describing what your standards are. And as a native Manhattanite who later lived in Brooklyn, I take your opinion very seriously, and might have to try this place.

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                                      I like Andrea. You should know that it's a skyway pit stop, so ... counter service, plastic implements, and only open weekday lunch hours. I think they deliver to downtown, though.

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                                        I have gone in search of Andrea three times and still not found it. However, the reason I dug up this thread was that I recently re-tried Broders and believe that this is the closest to a NY pizzeria that I have tasted in the region so far, and my favorite pizza by the slice. I actually did a side-by-side of Broders, Soho Cafe, Golooney's, and Cossetta's, and feel that Broders is definitely a step above. I think they also are importing their cookies from a different bakery, which also tastes more like home than I remember. Does growing up in northeast NJ give me the regional cred card? :)

                                        I wanted to include Ray's Mediterranean in the mix, but they don't do pizza by the slice anymore. I did have a decent calzone there, though.

                                  2. Italian Pie Shoppe on Grand Ave, just north of Snelling, in St. Paul offers a thin crust and and a deep dish "slice of the day." They make their own sauce. Nice and tangy--actually tastes like tomatoes.


                                    1. There's a place in Dinkytown called Mesa that I like a lot. Very non-traditional (I like the Macaroni and Cheese pizza), but they have normal stuff too. Also pretty cheap. It's on 4th street right across from Shuang Cheng.

                                      1. Joey Nova in Plymouth on Hw55 just east of 169. Amazing crust and sauce. I left north Jersey 30 years ago and finally I can get the real thing. Their sanwiches are also wonderful.

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                                          I second Joey Nova. But mine was in Tonka Bay, near Excelsior. Excellent, excellent New Yorkish pizza. This is now the best in the cities, if that's your cup of tea. But for me, the best midwest style is Savoy's and Dulono's.