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Jun 29, 2006 06:22 PM

MSP--- Pizza by the Slice? ?

Any ideas for good pizza by the slice...? I live alone, and usualy just don't want to get a whole pie, (even a small one...). Cossetta's is fine, but just not worth the lines and parking hassle to me. Hot City on W 7th is good, but I've been eating it long time and am looking for some other choices. Places in St. Paul would be great for me, but I figured this could be a good topic for the whole area.

Thanks for any ideas...
Uncle Ira

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  1. I don't have any places like that to add, although when I'm in St. Paul alone and want pizza, I get takeout from Punch. Neapolitan's probably not what you were looking for but those are good solo diner-sized pizzas.

    But re: Cossetta's, if you're just getting pizza, you can skip the main line and go right in by the takeout counter, pizzas and registers. Generally, they have someone encouraging that by asking "anyone just getting pizza?". Along those lines, this allows you to score one of their "takeout only" parking spots.

    1. In Uptown, I think your best bet is Galooneys at the corner of 25th and Hennepin.

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        Golooney's was one of my favorites when I was in Minneapolis. One of the reasons for this was that they let you select your toppings when you order by the slice. You're not relegated to somebody else's limited selection, sliced from pies that have been sitting under a heat lamp for who knows how long.

      2. If your in downtown Mpls, I really like Andrea's pizza just outside of Marshall Field's mens shoe dept.

        Just ask them to put in back in the oven for a min for a crispy crust. Otherwise, its a bit wimpy.

        1. Also downtown is Mama's on the skyway level in the US Bank Building the building just south of Marshal Fields. They sell pizza by the slice and the slices are huge.

          The Davanni's chain sells pizza by the slice.

          Several restaurants have personal pizzas that are about 9 inches in diameter. Joey Nova's in Tonka Bay is one of the newest. NBA City in the Target Center serves them. Those are two places I have been to recently. It seems to be quite common in a lot of restaurants.

          1. Fast Freddie's, AKA Bryn Mawr Pizza and Deli, used to have good pizza by the slice, if they are still there, give it a try.