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Jun 29, 2006 06:16 PM

Good bakeries with cupcakes, cookies, etc in ATL?

I'm moving in about a month from Brooklyn, NY, to Atlanta.

I am a cupcake-holic, and while cupcake bakeries are plentiful here (we even ourdered our favorites--from Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery--for our wedding) I have yet to see one in Atlanta.

Any recommendations for good bakeries specializing in retro, homebaked-style goods like cupcakes, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, etc? Bonus points for having good coffee, and a seating area.

We'll be living in Grant Park, so something In-Town would be preferable.


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  1. Belly General Store in Virginia Highland is known for its cupcakes, and is not too far from you (definitely in town, though not in Grant Park):

    1. Hey JessicaSophia,
      Welcome to the neighborhood! I moved to Grant Park about 2 years ago from the West Coast. I have to say that this city is really lacking in first-rate bakeries. There are no dedicated cupcake bakeries, but Star Provisions ( on the Westside and Alon's Bakery ( in Va-Hi carry some nice baked goods. Star Provisions is more of a high-end fancy food and knick-knack purveyor, but Alon's has pastries, sandwiches-to-go, cheese counter. I've heard that the West Egg Cafe ( also does cupcakes, and serves breakfast and coffee and such, but I've never been. Good luck with the cupcake search! One thing you should not miss in Grant Park is Hank's Ice Cream on Cherokee across the street from the zoo.

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        Oh, believe me, I know all about Hank's-- one house we were considering buying was only about 4-5 blocks from there and the proximity to ice cream was definitely one of the selling points!

        The house we're ending up with is on Berne Street, on the other side of the park, which I guess won't be within walking distance to any good eats. It's a mile to the Little Azio's complex on Moreland, and a mile to the Grant Park "Village".

        If you have any other great neighborhood recommendations (particularly for diner breakfasts, for good brunches, or for delivery), I'd love to hear them. We went to Agave after we signed our contract and were impressed-- especially since the chef is from New Mexico, where my mom lives!

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          Alon's is very good, but not a cupcake sort of place. Very good bread and great cheese selection. Prepared foods priced for the independently wealthy. If you do try Alon's (which is on the same street as Belly General Store, but a bit north, in the Morningside neighborhood) go early on Saturday AM so that you can drop in at the Morningside Market right across the street: local farms, all organic.

          Star Provisions is the same owners (and building) as Bacchanalia, but the prices make Alon's look downright economical. Bring money, and lots of it.

        2. I live on the same side of the park as you will. We love it over here! We walk sometimes to the Grant Park "Village", but let me tell you, Dakota Blue is not worth the trip. It could be such a cool space, but needs some serious sprucing up - please no flourescent overhead lights during dinner! The people that work there are nice enough, but I always secretly hope for new ownership....

          ANYWAY, Ria's Bluebird for breakfast is wonderful, and Carroll Street Cafe in Cabbagetown can be really nice and is only a few doors down from Agave. I hope there will be more restaurants in the near future on Memorial Street. There is quite a bit of proposed development there.

          Little Azio has the most amazing margherita pizza.

          Welcome to the neighborhood!

          1. Alon's may not have cupcakes, but their cookies (and sandwiches) rule!

            It's not that I don't like the idea, but the whole cupcake-bakery thing strikes me as sort of NY-fad-ish. Maybe this defeats the purpose, but, heck, make your own. And I say that full well knowing that I'm being hypocritical b/c it's not like I have the time to.

            Other places to be on the lookout for them are Rhodes Bakery on Cheshire (which mainly does cakes, but I have no idea on the micro ones) and Highland Bakery in Inman Park. And is the bakery still there in Cabbagetown (around the corner from Agave)?

            That said, and cry "blasphemer" if you must, but a good place to get them, though maybe not as customized/fancy as you seek, is your neighborhood Publix. You might even get non-iced ones to finish off yourself. Hey, our wedding cake came from there, so I'm not being facetious.

            1. Another option for cupcakes is dessert at Two Urban Licks, where one of the offerings is a trio of quite good (to my taste) small cupcakes: carrot, red velvet, and something else (probably chocolate). Seems like last time we went it was actually two of each type (they're small) served with rocky road ice cream. Bring a friend to help.