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Jun 29, 2006 06:12 PM

What's the most extravagant dish you've eaten?

I've had tableside Caesar at La Dolce Vita (one of the best), and lobster baked in salt at Stonehill Tavern (gorgeous); the cote du beouf at Patina is virtually theater. And (although not LA) I can't even start on every thing I had at the French Laundry (but my fave: a five minute presentation on salt, nine different kinds, explained and scooped delicately on a small white plate for our meat course).

What are the most extravagant presentation and/or dishes you've had in Los Angeles? What should be on the must-have or must-avoid list?

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    1. Most recently... Goma tofu (sesame seed tofu) with Macha tea powder stuffed with Uni and topped with fresh wasabi and gold flakes at Urasawa in Los Angeles. Out of this world!

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        Recently on this board, there was a post about not able to be too full from sushi. On that note, has anyone ever left Urasawa wanting more food? What if you're still hungry? Do they charge you more if you'd like more food? I'm contemplating if one can really eat $350 worth of sushi here.

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          Urasawa is $250, I think the fugu sperm sac is an additional $150 when in season. We skipped lunch and still tried to force down the last couple dishes over the course of almost four hours, it was almost too much. I couldn't imagine asking for more without throwing up first!

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        1. One of the "prettiest" dishes I've had was the les oeufs at L'Orangerie. It's a creamy egg served on a silver cup and in its shell, topped with Petrossian caviar.

          Also, one can never go wrong with extragavant sushi and sashimi combinations at Nobu or Matushisa if you sit at the bar and say, "Make me a sushi/sashimi plate. Use your imagination." =)

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