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Water Grill Tonight

Any food tips? Must haves? Must Have-nots?

Parking tips also appreciated.

Dave and Stuff

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  1. Crab cakes are a must.

    The fries are good as well.

    Monkfish (if available) is always a treat as is the John Dory.

    Tuna is always a safe bet.

    I would avoid the sashimi-type appetizers.

    Parking in the lot next to the restaurant is the most convenient, but probably not the cheapest.


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      Definitely agree on the crab cakes, they are the best.

      If they have diver scallops, get them!

      The Fruits of the Sea platter is fabulous and fun. And very celebratory, if you're celebrating something.

      The parking next door has got to be the most cramped, tight squeeze parking in downtown, but probably loosens up in the evening. Maybe you'll luck out and find a meter. Or drive south a couple of blocks and park in one of the open lots.

    2. We really like the clam chowder; whole clams in a delicious broth.

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      1. re: Babette

        I second the clam chowder recommendation.

      2. Love the water grill. I've never been for dinner, only lunch as my office is down the street. Everything I've had has always been top quality and taste. I'd start with a dozen oysters (always so fresh and tasty).

        1. Fresh oysters on the half shell, if you like them. Water Grill (and their sister restaurant, Ocean Avenue Seafood) consistently get great quality oysters, and interesting varieties beyond the standard (but always lovely) Kumamotos.

          1. Clam Chowder - don't miss the Applewood Smoked Bacon Clam Chowder.

            If you like Raw Oysters, theirs are supreme. I am not a huge fam of raw oysters and I enjoyed them at WG when I tried them.

            1. Lobster tends to be cooked on the rare side; if you don't like that, don't order lobster or specify how you want it cooked. Crab bisque and clam chowder are very good. Agree with ID in that I've not been bowled over by their raw fish items (tuna tartar, sashimi, etc.). Also agree that the crab cakes are excellent. The waiters are usually pretty well informed and can be a good resource in navigating the menu.

              Also, last time I was there I had one of the best desserts I've ever tasted. It sounds weird but the passion fruit granita with tapioca napoleon (or some such) was really unbelievably good. Not the type of thing I would ordinarily order, but I was sharing with the Missus and she had that look in her eye. In the end, she was right; it was spectacular. Don't know who their pastry chef is right now, but he/she is really talented.

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                Funny you should mention desserts at the Water Grill.

                I just recently had a marvelous prix-fixe dessert course prepared by the pastry chef, Koa Duncan. 4-courses @ 45/person. Fabulous. Chocolate souffle, fruit sorbets, little custard type things that I don't even know how to express properly with words (English is my second language, don't you know!).

                Highly recommend it ... oh, and you have to call ahead (about 24 hours in advance) to reserve the prix-fixe dessert menu.

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                  Not that it matters, but is Koa Duncan is a he or a she?

                  1. re: David Kahn


                    I asked the same thing.

                    And, sometimes, I do think it matters ...