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Jun 29, 2006 05:57 PM

Blue Star Cafeteria Austin

Just opened up on 45th and Burnet. Rumored to be the owner of 34th Street Cafe, which I like. Well, I'm sure rent there must be overwhelming. Talk about overpriced for what it is...

Went during "happy hour" $3 beers (yeah, $3 for a Shiner is "special") and $4 appetizers. James took the safe road and got the $10 Blue Burger - looked like a burger, nothing special, and James said it was overcooked and he needed to ask for more blue cheese to cover half the burger.

I went for a few of the appetizers to see if I could tag a winner. I ordered the fried artichoke hearts, the ceaser salad and the crab cakes (which the waiter highly recommended and would have been $10 on regular prices).

Artichoke hearts were eight pieces (eighths, so one whole artichoke heart) and were okay, but about half the calibur of NxNW. The crabcakes were fied to the color of a UPS truck, but we ate them anyway. Worst of all was the ceasar salad. Okay, lemme analize this more than I should...were they trying for that Furr's Cafeteria taste? Were they going for the "I"m in Terrytown but I know how to slum it" vibe? I mean this salad was covered in the pseudo "fresh grated cheese" little stringy, waxy things and the dressing tasted like jarred, less than Luby's dressing. I'm sorry, it was pathetic.

On the positive side, I enjoyed the fries. They were curly fries with an interesting mix of spicy/sweet with chayanne, cinnamon, sugar, salt.

Will it succceed? Yeah, probably. Will I go back? Probably not. WAY too expensive for what it was.

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  1. Tarrytown is between West 35th and Exposition.

    That said, bummer, dude.

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    1. re: Kent Wang

      Since 35th and Exposition cross, that gave me the oddest image of a whole neighborhood trying to squeeze itself into the no-man's-land in the middle of that intersection. I'm guessing you really meant to say that Tarrytown was between Enfield and 35th and between Mo-Pac and the Lake.

      As a description, I think everyone understood the comment amysuehere made. There are lots of places in New York north of Houston that have a "SoHo vibe" for example.

    2. I didn't mean to sound snarky.

      Is there really a Tarrytown vibe? It seems like the lesser-known, best-kept-secret version of Hyde Park.

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      1. re: Kent Wang

        Wow. Didn't mean to stir the waters on that comment. Just meant to say that this place will be catering to that area's wealthier clientelle. I can pretty much guarantee that the employees across the street at the School for the Blind won't be affording eating there. Pity too, cuz they sure could use it.

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        1. Technically, it is in the Rosedale neighborhood.

        2. If you like paying $6 for a bottled beer and $10+ for a burger for the honor of eating in a hip atmosphere, more power to you. Upscale comfort food is an oxymoron, imho.

          We'll agree to disagree.

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          1. re: amysuehere

            Austin restaurants seem to thrive on the "oxymoron" of upscale comfort food. Moonshine, for example, is apparently loved by many for its rendition of comfort food (in a hip atmosphere at high prices no less). "Comfort food" and "upscale" are both very subjective categories. Where they do or don't overlap could make another thread.

            Thanks for the contrasting reviews of the chow at Blue Star Cafeteria. It's good to get detailed opinions from different points of view. It helps to figure out how to use the information. Given that this thread started just after they opened, it could be that BSC has settled into a better routine over the past few weeks.

            If anyone else decides to eat there, it would be great to hear more opinions.

            1. re: Knoblauch

              My wife and I had lunch there today and loved it. Other than a hostess that hovered by our table (we were seated closest to the door) it was great. Wife had the Asian Salad which she said was every bit as good as the one at 34th Street Cafe. I had the Meatloaf Sandwich that was out of the world. We drank tea, but I did check the wine menu and they are very reasonably priced. I say check it out. I wish the owner would open a restaurant in West Lake Hills where I live.

          2. The original comment has been removed